Specialty: richly filled, lovely decorated cupboards. Extravagant hats, bags, band boxes and self-made geegaws for the doll’s house.

Doll Carriages Canada
Various small pieces of furniture from the 50s and dolls. Modern dolls with unique clothing and hand-crafted seaonal and floral supplies for house and garden. Carefully hand-modeled and furred animals for houses and farms. Hand-crafted miniatures, many unique pieces.Specialty: theme-based sets scale 1/12 and smaller, winter and christmas miniatures. Miniatures all around the doll’s house, focus: knitted and crocheted miniatures. Handmade furniture and miniature edibles – nearly anything is possible!

Advice on dollshouse wiring available to everyone!

Accessories for the elegant lady, playful knick-knacks for babies and stylish supplies for witchy gals. Hand-turned and -painted miniatures for the doll’s house.

Furniture and accessories for the modern dollhouse, modern coffee makers and toaster ovens. Furred animal figures scale 1/12; dogs, cats, rabbits and wild animals. Flowers, plants, flower arrangements and replicas of ancient vases. Notice – the extra thick walls on the big ones and the molded handles on the 5 gallon.

My Best Baby Doll Twin Stroller Double Pram Unboxing Set Up Pretend Play with Baby Annabell. Little girl baby sitter bring baby …

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