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I have used this product on and off in shade 01 for about 7 years now.

Doll Beauty Highlighter
It illuminates under the eyes and covers dark circles well.

I bought this product when it was first introduced many years ago and cannot recommend it highly enough. Covers shadows and is a brilliant highlighter for the eyes. It brightens the under eye area concealing dark circles, minimising fine lines and making you look instantly awake.I have tried other less-pricey concealers and they just don't compare. This is definitely worth the money - especially as it lasts around 3 months (and this is with every day use). It seems a good one based on its qualities. Sephora to purchase the mufe stick and they didn't have my shade!

The rep was kind enough to carve out a hefty sample for me until it comes in. Yes, i love the ease of throwing it in my handbag as you mentioned.

Always reading your blog even if i don't comment. Your recommendations have never failed me!!

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