If some of the epoxy does squeeze out, it's easily cleaned, and any that gets missed will virtually dissapear as soon as the finish is applied!

I pefer using 3" wood screws and then pluging the counter bore with a matching walnut plug.

The plans call for dowels to join the support legs with the center stretcher. Do all the edges except where the feet touch the floor. Clamp the two supports together as shown, this gives you a wider surface to sand, and is less likely to round over the edges. Take care to making that long cut, you want it nice and straight!Cut the assembly out the same way you cut the cradle end pieces. This drill leaves a 3/8" counter bore with will accept the tapered plugs. Just get it close, final sanding is later on. Clean up the inside corners with the drum sander. Also remember to do a diagonal measurment to square the final assembly up. Cut the parts being careful to be consistant, all the small spacer pieces need to be the same lenght to maintain proper size of the basket.

Use a pushstick near the end of the pass. Ok fine, just be careful not to nick your fingers, you'll need them tomorrow. This page has a few tips for improving, or building your own router table.

You can go here to learn about using a biscuit joiner. The plans call for dowels to align the five pieces to this assembly. This will help to make the glue lines disappear!

Try to orient the stock to make the grain flow from one piece to the next.

I began this project by selecting stock for the cradle ends. It is the perfect gift to welcome the newborn baby into the world, or to celebrate any other special time in the life of that favorite child or grandchild.