We hope your child can use one of our products to develop and improve their balance, agility and overall beam skills. Also in theatrical clothing, theatre back drops, doll clothing, banners and uniforms.

Doll Beam Bar
At one time or another, metallic yarns have been used in just about every variety of textiles. They create all fabrics more eye-catching by adding sparkle. Brilliant, reflective colors which add decorative patterns to fabrics. There is a rainbow of colors available from red, blue, green, etc.These narrow rolls are gang slit across their whole width to micro widths from 1/128" (.0078") and wider and then taken up on plastic spools for shipment to textile mills. These wide rolls are slit into narrow rolls 2" to 5" wide. Metallic yarns start as rolls of films or laminations 30" or wider. It is made of thin film and supported by nylon or polyester or rayon yarn according to the type of yarn. Metallic yarns may also be made by twisting a strip of metal around a natural or man-made core yarn, producing a metal surface. In one more method, aluminum foil strips are sandwiched amid layers of film.

Doll Gymnastics Class Routine With Floor Beam Practice Bar Gymnast Toys And Play With Dolls!

Doll gymnastics class routine with gymnast doll. Play with dolls in gymnastics class!

Dolls play on floor beam, practice bar and ...

Ground fabrics for printing / advertising media. The panels can be decorated with a narrow, curved border – to produce an attractive hem without the need for any making-up. The pattern elements, which are usually floral and decorative, are worked into the ground in sweeping lines to create striking effects. This enables customers to produce even small batches efficiently, and react quickly to changing market trends. The pattern can be changed with very little time and effort. In addition to being fast, the multibar raschel machines are also user-friendly, accurate and flexible. At a width of 134", they can reach speeds of up to 900min-1, and the machines having a width of 210" are extremely productive, especially when producing sari fabrics – four 50"-wide fabric panels can be produced next to each other simultaneously.

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*Homemade* Ag Doll Beam Bar & Cheesemat

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