What are your favorite tips and tricks for setting powder?

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And nothing saves you from painful chafing like an invisible coat of setting powder. A dab of setting powder at the roots makes a perfect emergency replacement for dry shampoo. We’ve already covered its ability to keep your lipstick on lockdown , but what about venturing beyond the face?

Or put an extra dusting of setting powder under your eyes before you get into a major eye look like glitter, or a smokey style; any fallout will hit the powder, then all you have to do is brush it away, easy as pie.For example, ever sweep on a new bronzer and realize, oh no, orange. Useful as it may be, the realization that setting powder sets your makeup probably isn’t blowing your mind. Be careful about misting all day when you’re wearing sunscreen. Nothing combats that like a quick spritz, which hydrates any remaining traces of powder and gets rid of that dusty effect. For that matter, not all setting powders are created equal either; at least not for all skin tones. Just don’t get too caught up in what the brush manufacturer says a particular brush is for; a giant fluffy brush can be great for all-over application, but tiny shadow brushes (scrupulously clean, of course) are ideal for tight spots, like around the nose or setting your undereye concealer (not to mention the occasional pesky zit ).

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That’s where disaster can strike, and also where setting powder can save the day. While puffs can offer a good targeted concentration of powder, brushes will give you a diffuse, soft-focus application. Like its name suggests, the primary purpose of setting powder is to (shocker!) set your cream and liquid cosmetics, absorbing some of the moisture in them so they’ll be able to stick around all day. In reality, how much powder you use and where you apply it is all a matter of what kind of look you’re going for, and what your skin is naturally prone to doing. So how does one use setting powder the right way?

But powder doesn’t have to be a symptom of old lady face. Somewhere along the way, powder got a bad reputation (we blame the ‘80s). And that’s a shame, because powder also happens to be one of the most potent secret weapons in your makeup arsenal, if you know how to use it. It’s the very image of old-school glamour. She reaches into her dainty, perfectly matched purse and pulls out an ornate compact, pops it open, dabbing lightly at her nose with a pristine powder puff. It’s an iconic shot: a black and white scene of a beautiful woman sitting in a cafe, or a hotel lobby, or at an elaborate vanity. This week, we’re walking you through how to apply setting powder without looking dry, cakey, or ghostly. In this series, we’ll break down the most popular makeup techniques, how you can execute them better, as well as the best products for achieving your perfect look. Look can be intensified by applying eyeshadow with a damp brush. Long wearing with incredible blendability.

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