There was a woman on a yellow bicycle on the corner and a woman from the convent came out to get her. The little boy separated from the father.

Doll Bicycle Seat
For example, a recently divorced woman dreamed of riding a unicycle precariously, while others rode bicycles. They could be a before-and-after representation of the increasing feminine aspect. At that day of the year the full moon and the sun can be seen at the same time. The only light in the room was the blue light from the television set.I picked up a "switch" (short stick) to defend myself with and an old black man came out of the kitchen towards me. A car pulled up then and two guys got out, dressed just like the old black man. He read off the license number on the bicycle being towed behind my car.

We walked into the kitchen and there was a huge birthday cake sitting there with some frosting missing off of one side.

I then saw big chunks of wedding cake, half eaten.

I wondered if the old black man had stolen the light bulbs.

I saw that there was a gas stove and one burner was on with a blue gas flame.

I reached for another light switch to see what else was in the room and something grabbed me under the arm.

I needed to lock him out too because he was stealing from me. Later, her husband, a business man, came home. He made some statements to me about how my relationship with his wife was improper, then he left on business.

We entered an upper room that was made of or full of straw.

I removed some straw, exposing an opening or vent to the roof. She couldn't go, but let me take her little daughter along for a visit.

We bundled her up and put her in the basket of a bicycle.

I came to a house with the family standing outside in the drive way. They said the nearest one was a thousand miles away, and the nearest place to find help was even farther.

I reached through the front windshield, which seemed to be missing.

I pulled her out carefully with both arms, trying not to bump her head.

I started to push the eye back in, but hesitated.

I pumped the pedals hard, but the roadway became soft, slowing me down.

I was planning to meet my mom and sister to go swimming there. The sky turned dark; ominous clouds were moving quickly above me. The sports club appeared to be situated way down in a valley. It seemed foggy and looked like a tornado was coming.

I became concerned and started back home. There is also our new car and nobody of my family to drive it. Besides there are a lot of hills on my way.

I have been driving downhill for along time.

I decide to use normal one because manual could make my drive completely impossible.

I told them that pregnant women are allowed to go to parties and left on a bicycle. A group of women with long hair came up and started touching my belly. The long-haired women ran after me and told me that they were all midwives. They crowded around me and laid me on the gravel driveway, telling me to "push," etc.

I pushed and yelled and in a few minutes they handed me a vinyl sack with a zipper on it. Other people came up and tried to touch it, telling me it was "beautiful," but their fingers were starting to get it dirty. It is fiction, but based on the author's real experiences of being "bombarded" by messages from the spirit. In this case, though, the wheels spin in the same direction.

I do believe it is saying something important about the human race. Young to actually succeed in building the first commercially successful helicopter. This is the dawn of the new world, my friend.

Doll Bicycle Seat

The idea is that humanity, in a long cycle of time, is like the caterpillar, munching of the leaves of the tree (of knowledge). When the cycle nears the end, we become the cocoon/pod, and then transform into butterflies.

I was standing on a high bank of a river. Across from me was a forest with a road leading up tot he water.

I made the discovery of its properties by accident and the sample contained my bosses mental history in which he had written his mental experiences. A young man came in and he also wore a size 11.

We got him a pair of shoes from the upper room. He came in and went to the upper room where he began to play the organ.


The music was incredibly beautiful and complicated. The music ended and he came down the steps.

I decided it wasn't enough for him to just play the organ, he had to earn his keep by selling shoes like the rest of us. This made a wet track on the floor in the shape of an infinity symbol. This infinity track washed off the pattern of the dance steps. Two women came and wanted to take dance lessons.

I continued to make this pattern until the entire floor was wiped clean of dance steps.

I thought the plug had come out of the wall but it seemed rather that the light switch somehow connected to it and the switch had been turned off. Suddenly a huge bison appeared in the kitchen and began rampaging through the house.

I began screaming and barricaded myself in another room.

I was trying to find doors that would close to escape, but none of the doors would close, they all had stuff in the way.I was then in a large building, standing in a large room. There was an office with a large glass wall and a glass door right behind me. By my feet there were several little cute furry animals running around having a good time. It spilled the water and fish on the floor. The bowl was round on top, but flat sided. The fish did not all die or flop around though some of them did.

They had difficulty rounding up the 3rd one, but we did get them all in there to take them somewhere else. During a writing at 3:05am here, there was a small to mod. This one left me a little weak when the telephone woke me.

I made the turns in direction with the car. There would be no more chance for a reprieve. This one is a little more obscure to me to understand some parts, but it again involved bicycles. The dream last week was a personal experiencing dream.

I felt mild surprise to see them do this with no one driving them. Some kind of voice told me it was some kind of celebration & contest.

I turned to the right & saw a group of bicycle racers speeding down the highway towards the curve. These were real racing bikes with helmeted drivers. As they came to the curve below me, they never looked up. They rode right off the curve into the river & kept right on peddling in the water.They couldn't slow down & the bicycles ran into the herd of horses & mules in the river. Many were flipped off their bikes into the river when they hit the horses at full speed. Some managed to miss the horses & mules & kept peddling on through the herd. They were there first & were having a good time. The cyclists were out of place in the water & no match for the big herd. They were intent on their goal & those that could, kept right on speeding through & around the obstacles. More were flipped than were able to get through on bikes. It seems to give an insight as to a possible meaning of horses. Years ago, a relative told me of a recurring dream, where she was on a horse at the edge of a huge cliff. In her final dream of it, the horse leaped off the cliff. A woman once wrote to me, telling of a dream where a horse was tied to an old, rusty car. Ideally, the rational aspect should be in "control," and know how to gently guide the horse. The aspects are often symbolized by male (rational) and female (intuitional/dreaming).

I don't like the word "dominant" in this regard. It is more like a dance, where the male leads. It was supposed to be shorter, but there were 3 sets of doors on it. He left for work and took all the money with him. Even the woman who was moving into my apartment came to help pack and carry things to the truck. On one wall there was a glass wall of doors with an equally large lobby.

I went back to packing and moving things.

I even got down on my knees under the table to get things cleaned out that were hidden. Two women were in charge of vacuuming the floor when we had everything out. The vacuum cleaner was not working well and the women brought it to me to complain about it. It looked somewhat like a bicycle and had a huge hose that bobbed up and down on the floor like 9" wide sucking hole, but it didn't have good sucking power.

We went down the hall to the elevator and woke up.

I turned my lights on so everyone could see me.

I decided to lean the little bicycle right there because it was no longer of any use to me. The question is not whether it is a fact statement as much as whether it is a thoughtform. The present circumstances will necessitate the release of a limiting complex that has been a burden for many months of your spacetime complex structure. Our concept of any vehicle, when used as a formative / causative measure within your dreamspaces, would be that which exists to catapult the entity involved into higher realms. This was not intended as a warning about the physical process of the utilization of internal combustion transportation devices. But in essence, you are very close to the solution you now progress towards. You, as questioner, now penetrate the outer meanings of the implicit teachings with respect to said vehicles.

We are still logged on to your hope page. Allegorically, we are speaking of those messages which the entities involved would seek to impart, which primarily consist of the longings of the three - dimensional organism to return to its true home, once said home is understood to exist. Can you tell me if any big event will happen in 1999 with the eclipse, or will it pass by relatively unnoticed by the public?

But be ye yet aware that this will not pass as the falling autumn leaf, but rather as the lightning crack.

I saw a square with a round circle in it and a push button on top. She was about half his age and they really seemed as if they really enjoyed one another. They would run down the hall, turn around and race back into the living room, tag my aquarium then turn back around and race back down the hall all smiles and laughter.

I looked at them and thought that they would be a beautiful couple in the future. She was living there and she took care of the housework for us.

I was in my car driving to the south part of town where there are a number of industrial plants.

I went to this one plant where a lot of rednecks were working. On the road from the plant there was a convenience store off to my right side.He had just made a purchase in the store and was getting into his truck to leave. The truck was one of those jacked up four-wheel drive types.

I was behind him as he pulled out of the parking lot. The truck didn't have the normal workings underneath it, but had various pipes that were red, white, blue and chrome that were about the size of my arm and curved.

I was on this side road and it curved back and continued to get smaller and smaller it became a narrow driveway. Although it was a one storied building there were steps that lead up to a porch then the front door that were made of a dark glass. In front of this building there was a stream that was lined with foliage as if they wanted the area to remain natural or look natural. The stream curved around to the south (which was also the direction the office building faced) and it ran into a very beautiful river that was on a much lower elevation, like down in a very beautiful green valley. The river ran to the north along the side of the office building.

I looked at the stream towards the river end and saw a beaver there. It was large about the size of a dog (they don't get that large). It was about the size of a calf, but it was very old.

I could tell it was old because it's fur had spots that were bald, it's skin looked old leathery and wrinkled and it's eyes looked rheumy. It's tail had been cut off and a new tail was growing in it's place, but hadn't grown completely back.

I looked up the stream and saw another albino alligator that was larger and older.

I decided to just go to sleep on the sofa.

We then started to talk about things like we usually would. Roy was boasting about the fact that she didn't like to travel, because of the meals she had to eat (chicken?) and a having a young driver - helper that she had to put up with. Roy was telling me that it didn't matter, then the office doors opened and these two ladies came out. They ran the business and were dressed very business like. They were also in their middle years age wise, say late forties and mid fifties and one was older and a little larger than the other. While the ladies were present the alligators and the beavers backed far off and stayed away. For some reason there was an end table next to the sofa that wasn't there before. The younger of the two business ladies went up to the table stood in front of it and turned on a brass electric lamp that was on the table.

We had a conversation and talked outside for a bit, then the two ladies told me to come inside and talk with them.

I feel like it is, because of the length and detail involved.

I tend to pay more attention to my more vivid dreams rather than the fleeting ones. In the parking space was a black with silver striped car that was an open convertible.

I went to open the door and the whole car moved and made a sound like a tin toy.

I realized that wasn't my car and then saw my car parked on the sidewalk. My car was black with a silver stripe but was not a convertible. However, there was no passenger side door, nor was there a floor or seat where the passenger would sit.I walked around to the driver's side and the keys were hidden under a blue piece of cloth by the driver's door and practically fell out into my hand. There was real love and affection in it's petting action. The bathtub was full of water, and the shower stall in the corner was full of water.

I was sitting on the toilet and needed to wipe myself and even the brown toilet paper (like paper toweling) was wet and useless.

I started to explain the colors of the chakras of the body by using rectangles of those same colors on the floor.

We were looking through the clothes which were piled on the floor next to the bed. A toy green frog suddenly jumped up in the air and did a little dance.The little girl grabbed a blue dress, pulled it over her head and ran outside without putting underpants on, jumped on her bike which looked like the big wheel kind of the early 1900's and road it out into the street.

I saw out the window that a boy, dressed in brown pants and shirt on another bicycle dashed right after her. My daughter grabbed her daughter off of her bike and carried her back into the house. As he rode his bicycle out of the driveway, he pointed out that there was a unicycle laying on the road and the chain was off, laying next to it. The door to the hallway was open and the couple across the hall was having a fight. Judy was a tiny child like in the previous dream.

She had little legs and arms but a bigger head and thin blonde hair. Becky wasn't paying attention, just looking around the apartment.

I tried to get her attention, but then she went to the bathroom to "take a crap" and she didn't see the child. All three items were for sale and had been hand crafted by people who lived in the building.

I had to move a black shiny bicycle to see the items.

I particularly payed attention to two items. The edges were made of thin sticks of wood. The walls of the box on the lower sides were opaque greyish white glass and on the top were various triangles of blue green, red and yellow. It was made of thin sticks frames and n between the sticks the thread work was done in intricate knots. The thread was very thin crochet cotton of bright blue. There were two smaller sizes and two larger sizes. The building maintenance man came in then and wanted to make an appointment to come upstairs.

I told him he was going to have to call before he came up.

I had to emphasize the 3 because it was trying to look like a 5.

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The door opened and a tall, thin, black woman got off. As the elevator went up, the door opened on the 2nd floor as it had on the way down. They were in process of putting pink insulation into the walls of the rooms now. The door closed and we ascended to the 3rd floor. The door opened and we both got off the elevator. Ahead of us were brightly lit showcases full of jewelry of gold and silver.

I didn't want to confront the screaming man. It was narrow on the top and really wide at the bottom, with one side on an angle like a trapezoid. The river turned blue like the clean water was flushing the green away.

We knew there were fish up ahead up river if one wanted to fish. They were creating a garden on their livingroom floor in little square pots. It seemed he was about age 3 and he was misbehaving and kicking and stiffening out his legs stubbornly so he didn't have to do something, so he was kicking the trees over in the garden.<