Fitting for a series about female empowerment. Makoto lost both of her parents in a plane crash, leaving her to raise herself.

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The one boy who liked her enough to be her boyfriend eventually dumped her for the exact same reason. So much of her time was taken up by saving the world, she lost the friends she used to have. On top of that, the first youma she’d killed was her crush. Also in the manga, she was picked on by fellow students for not having any powers.Usa was pretty much the first friend she’d ever had, which is a shame because she’s really freaking cute. Also happens in the live action, as they awaken their full power through this. My guardian is the planet suspended in time and space. The three soldiers of the outer solar system, being led by a new crisis, have arrived!

Whether it’s for their transformation sequences, attacks, civilian appearances or speeches to the villains, the franchise just loves to throw these in whenever they can. The two main groups of four have one of each type.

Usagi’s room the normal way was too slow. It’s implied that it takes seconds in real time and that the long sequences are just for show. The series is iconic for not only running on this trope, but doing it in a way that portrays their “girly girl” aspects as strengths instead of weaknesses. Quite literally with some of them who had no friends before meeting each other. These were usually very goofy villains, like a spirit who got power from cavity pains. Even after she knows he’s her father, she sees his past self differently than his future self. More in the anime, but the manga version wasn’t above everything. Or better said, a guy who appears to her first as a winged unicorn, and even in human form has a sort-of horn in his head. At least she’s physically and mentally a child (she’s really over 900). The anime seems to have cut this plot point out entirely and just presents her as a regular little girl. Has this when she leaves her time key behind. Mamoru is revived, she can once again exist. It’s actually just a dart gun, but it looks plenty realistic up until it fires. Wiseman convinces her that everyone saw her as an annoying little brat and wanted her gone. Although she’s timid and tends to obsess over her grades, she’s a loyal friend and a worthy addition to the team. Though given the fact that the girls are studying to pass their high school entrance exams, this can be somewhat understood. Both are intelligent, hardworking, ambitious, and are simultaneously looked down upon and envied by fellow students. They’re activated by touching her earring, and can even make a headset mic appear. That said, she is an avid and talented gamer, can write lyrics for an instrumental piece of music, and knows how to fix a car. Not to mention that she can be quite the disciplinarian when it comes to getting the girls to study more. In the manga, though, it turns out to be just an interface for the actual supercomputer on the moon. In the original manga, she just used them for reading occasionally, and the anime rarely showed them at all. In the live action she wore them all the time at first, as they made people less likely to talk to her. She got a love letter in a side story although she didn’t react very well to it.

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She is usually the most patient of the inner soldiers, and always willing to help the people around her in any way she can. She is a top-ranked chess player, able to compete against chess masters three times her age. She has, on occasion, written lyrics for instrumental music she likes. Also she fights monsters in her spare time. That doesn’t bother her nearly as much as getting a single question wrong and missing out on a perfect score. While it’s not so useful for direct damage, creating fog for tactical purposes or escape is one of her most useful abilities even after she gets actual attacks. In the manga, she was more serious and focused, but distant from peers and held men in great contempt. Rei merely had a bad back and an annoyed expression to show for it (which she managed to walk off in no time). Rei in confusion as they watched her get thrown off the motorcycle. She mellows out throughout subsequent seasons, becoming more respectful of the two. There’s only one man in whom she professes romantic interest, and after she realizes he is completely unavailable she never brings the subject up again.

Doll Divine Sailor Moon

It doesn’t help that she has mildly psychic powers, serving to enforce the trope even more. Though she’s still admired for her beauty because of or in spite of this trope. Both girls are intelligent, hardworking, ambitious, and are simultaneously looked down upon and envied by fellow students. She is also good at giving advice to her fellow guardians, and listening to their problems. The first anime keeps it black but gives it a purple sheen. She definitely has the skills to back it up and has destroyed several monsters on her own, even without transforming once. In the manga she is still quite passionate, but never quite goes this far. Rei casually reveals that’s exactly what she’s doing, because why else would she devote her time to the festival if she couldn’t get something out of it.

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This fades away in the second season, though. Rei insists on pointing out the flaws to every plan. Japanese phrase hi no rei , meaning “spirit of fire”. This clears up her self doubts letting her finish off the enemy and she never mentions any desire to be in a romantic relationship again. In an early episode, she still attended to her soldier duties despite being down with a bad cold. She’s the strongest of the inner soldiers, and it shows. In many cultures, horses are a symbol of power and strength. In other versions, she varies between threatening people ridiculing others or giving them death glares until they pay attention. She is also often the first guardians to attack a monster. Her debut episode in the anime shows her almost ordering a big bowl of curry, then changing her order as she did not want to seem indelicate. She knows martial arts and kicks ass both in and out of her uniform.All of this was before she got her guardian powers. Makoto loves cooking and shopping and is the most boy-crazy of all the other girls, and is easily the best figure skater out of them. This was often the reaction after being caught out of a white lie. Makoto was intended to be a delinquent leader who smoked, drank, and had a motorcycle gang in tow, but the idea was scrapped out and only her looks and bad rep stayed. In the manga, it was explained that she transferred schools after being rejected by her senpai; her being expelled for fighting was just gossip. She keeps her transfer student uniform because the school doesn’t have a fuku that fits her.

She also does this twice in the live action. Every time, she claims that her latest crush reminders her of the senpai who broke her heart at her previous school. Unfortunately, most people are more likely to be intimidated by her height than attracted. Thankfully when they reach high school the school has sizes that can catch up to her. Personality-wise, she tends to be mysterious and detached—traits necessary as she’s isolated guarding the gate of time. However, in the anime it’s noted that she seems to be deeply saddened by her isolation. Subverted in the early musicals, where she’s fast paced, funny and likened to a mother to her dislike. She’s still fairly dark in the anime as well. When she does take action, that’s when shit gets real. Even the one about stopping time, which costs her life to use. Japanese word that means “bittersweet” (describing a mixture of feelings such as sadness, heartache, love and nostalgia). There doesn’t appear to be a punishment for the first two (that we see, at least) but the last one costs her life in exchange. Exactly who or what set these is never stated.In the end, she pays for this rule-breaking with her life. The 90’s anime doesn’t even give her a token explanation and she just sort of comes back. Usa finds her at the gates of time while attempting to go back to the future. Pluto is less cynical than her fellow talisman-bearers. The most pragmatic of the guardians, even willing to sacrifice lives for the greater good. Although she puts up a tough facade, she’s more damaged by this outlook than she’s willing to admit. Between that and the fact she also wears a boys’ school uniform and has masculine interested such as car racing, she’s easily mistaken for male when not transformed. She wishes to run away from her fate, and initially didn’t want to be a guardian. Played up more in the anime, where she rarely wears women’s clothes. This serves as a plot device since they’d been at odds since they ran into each other and have avoided contact. Being stuck together helps each to understand how the other thinks. Haruka can easily flirt with others, but any flirting back tends to fly right over her head or fluster her. When she’s first introduced, it also adds to the confusion over whether she’s male or female. Usagi and a hotel maid who appears to reciprocate (or at least be flustered). She then tells not to go off without her and takes her own life (though that was more or less part of her mission). Of course, this being an idealistic series, they are usually proven wrong about said tactics being necessary. Despite her graceful manners, she’s no less merciful than her girlfriend towards those who get in her way. Sea green hair that has a slight wave to resemble ocean waves, check. If it wasn’t obvious enough she’s a water user. They usually arrive together and attack enemies in tandem. Granted, someone like her would make good use of them, but it’s odd that she’s mainly interested in them as collectibles. She goes around making comments for the sake of screwing with people and watching their reactions when they finally get what she’s really saying. She likes to wear long, flowing dresses and is interested in classical music, painting, and reading. In the anime they even leave after the third season specifically to do this. Neptune gets hit with every single one, until the guns are out of ammo. She even uses a violin to blast enemies to oblivion. It acts as a weapon, can dispel illusions, allows communication over great distances, and can even teleport people. Her powers are stated to be from the sea rather than just regular water. In their civilian guises, they seem friendly enough but their ruthlessness and arrogance comes out when they transform. Not to mention that her hair is blue too. In the manga when first appears she’s stronger than the rest of the cast combined. Plus her powers ends up killing her soon afterwards. Justified though, for the fact that she could destroy a planet on her own, and she just had to do it everytime she woke up. As mentioned below, she eventually goes back to near her real age. Prior being revived the first time in the manga, she also had the problem with most of her body being mechanical due to childhood injuries. Even though she has the power to end the world, she would never do it; that’s just how nice she is. This is justified since her powers are mostly destructive and she can’t use it without most likely either destroying herself or endangering those around her. She is the only one with a different personality from her past self. As as result, she wears long sleeves year round to hide her robotic arms and legs.

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