Erin says in her project suggestion , how would we build this one without beveling the sides, requiring a table saw?

So take your 1×8 pine boards and measure how wide they are.

Doll Corner Sofa
Note this then start cutting your shelves by cutting one end of the 1×12 at 45 degrees. Then continue making cuts to make all your shelves. In this manner you can easily adjust the width of your back to the width of a 1×12 or 1×10.

You will need to cut six shelves totally.Predrill your holes or pocket holes and apply glue. Attach back to shelves with 2″ screws and glue. Then mark all shelf locations as indicated in the above diagram. Consider the depth of your screws and the angled shelf cuts as you place your screws – 2″ screws on the inside and 1 1/4″ screws on the outer edge, 2 screws per shelf. Don’t stress this one too much, the sides are going to get beadboard (super strong) over them. The main thing is to get these lined up just right.

How To Make A Doll Corner Couch

How to make a Doll Corner Couch with foam board and fabric. Enjoy!

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Shown above is the perfect dimensions for 1x12s that measure 11 1/2″ wide. Apply glue to the shelf edges that are exposed and use 1 1/4″ screws to attach the beadboard to the shelves. Keep the beadboard first and foremost flush to the back 1×8, as this is the seam that will be most visible. The front seams are hidden behind the front side trim. But if you don’t, first attach your trim to the shelves with either 2″ finish nails and glue or 2″ screws and glue. Then predrill pilot holes carefully on the ends and use 3″ screws to attach sides to trim. If you do have a router or table saw, you can build your doors inset as shown above. Then tack beadboard to the back, but make sure the beadboard would fit in the opening in the shelf.

I feel like a celebrity being mentioned in your post!

I think that would look great in the corner in my dining room. Is it safe to use pressure treated lumber for inside projects if it is painted/sealed?

I have 4 tiny girls and have heard some about the chemicals in the treated wood being so bad for you. So what do you need to watch out for and what are your rights?

You cannot simply wander back in the next day and tell them you’ve changed your mind. Cooling off rights only apply where you have bought the item by mail order – over the phone, or via the internet. And even then, it does not apply where sofas have been made to order – which is often the case. Although this is not legally binding, it shouldn’t take much longer than this. If you are experiencing what you would consider to be an unreasonable delay, you can make ‘time of the essence’ by writing to them, requesting they fulfil their contractual obligations within a specific time period (14 days), otherwise you will end the contract and request the return of any sums already paid. As any sofa retailer will tell you, they cannot be held responsible if the unit is too big for the room, won’t fit through the door or up the stairs. Neither will they be liable for the cost of removing windows etc and are within their rights to charge an additional fee if they have to take it away again. It may seem like an obvious point, but the number of people who do not measure the doorframe in relation to the sofa is quite astonishing. Similarly, those in three-storey homes with a first floor lounge, should make additional allowances for a winding staircase. Therefore, if it is described as leather, that’s exactly what it should be. If it described as a particular colour or fabric, it should not differ widely from this.

Dora Fabric Corner Sofa Bed   Light image
If it a sofa-bed, it should function as a bed as well as a sofa. It should also remain in good condition for a reasonable length of time without sagging, coming apart, or deterioration to the fabric. If you are making a complaint, the retailer will always be your first and only port of call, and not the manufacturer. However, where a repair is feasible, you must allow the trader the opportunity to do this in the first instance. The trader must cover the costs of the repair (including collection and re-delivery) and must not take too long. If neither a repair or a replacement can be effected, you can then ask for a discount on the purchase price or your money back.

I then rang again on may 10th to be told i was not entiltled to a refund or exchange as they had offered to repair!

If you go to the citizens advice they will hopefully lodge a complaint on your behalf with trading standards.

I then threatened to take them to the small claims court as what they had supplied wasn’t fit for purpose.

I hate being ripped off when we work so hard to buy stuff.

We had only had our new white sofa a month or so before we had a problem with it, when you sat on it the back of it just colapses and you get this sinking feeling.

Doll Corner Sofa

We had someone come round to look at it, and yes there is a problem with it and like you they were goping to do a repair.

We are not happy with this outcome as it becomes a second hand piece of furniture instead of new which we had saved hard to buy. In store sales staff are working off pitiful salaries/commission applying pressure sales techniques and deceitful behaviour with completely unfair contract terms.

We were advised delivery would be 10 weeks and in some cases up to 13 weeks. This was aug 1st, despite numerous calls we still don’t know when we will receive it and they say they can’t refund all but a deposit. In the small print on the back (thus wasn’t even pointed out to us) it states delivery of upto 35 weeks before order can be cancelled.

We don’t want to cancel, we just want the suite.

I don’t get any answers and the always absent manager never phones back.

Consumer Rights When Buying A Sofa

My advise to everyone reading this is not to use this company!

A couple of days after it was delivered she noticed the leather was excessively creased and some of the cushions were sagging. She called the store who sent technician round (from an external company) to examine it. The technician concluded there were a number of problems and said he would contact the retailer to get a fix. After about 10 days she hadn’t heard anything so she called again. The customer service rep said they were going to send an engineer to “steam out the creases and restuff the cushions” (even though she was repeatedly told it was a leather sofa). They did say that the sofa may need to be replaced, but the chair would not (the original technician suggested that both should be replaced as the colours may not match). The store manager said that as they had offered to repair it she is not entitled to a refund. The three was sagging in the middle on delivery.

I raised this and the company took it back and fitted “more support”. My elderly mother who has copd and is on oxygen went looking in the store and the sales person saw that mum was finding it hard to breath!He said that we would have to take delivery and he would have it left outside the house if needed!!

I went in and funny enough he was ce as pie to my face. Your store manager at maidstone branch was polite and agreed that my sofa had given way and new springs and filling was offered.

I cannot sit at either end of my sofa as the seat dips leaving me sitting lopsided, it also makes loud creaking noises. There is only me and my daughter at home so the sofa has been lightly used.

I feel very disheartened with the whole situation.

How To Make Barbie Doll Corner Couch / Sofa Holiday Crafts Diy Dollhouse Tutorial

Making of Doll's Corner Couch!

Hello everybody, how is your holiday going?

I am super excited because I made a couch for my ...

My life is stressful enough looking after a disabled child.

I have received and that’s just the carpet side of things now it’s a sofa.

I have my documentation fromwhen i ordered this clearly stating it was to be creamhow could they make such a big mistake unbelievable.

I would be more then happy to call you straight back as we are currently having difficulties tracing your order details as we do not have your surname or any address details. The fabric on the sofa has completely worn away to the point that you can see the under stitching. My mother-in-law and one of her sisters has also got the same sofa but neither of theirs have this problem, and they’ve had their sofas alot longer than us. The set cost us nearly £2000 (the chair was an electric recliner). Can you imagine what it’s the feeling to sit on it now after 5 months?

The sofa is coming up to 19 months old and one of the sections we dont use, whilst cleaning it, i noticed that the arm top was not as firm as the other arm on the part we use. They proposed to glue some cardboard over the split and then glue a split of wood across the cardboard. When i said i dont think so, this must of clearly of been a fault when it was made as we have never used the seat, i was told it could of been but i need to prove it and this was the repair method. My problem is it feels like they are just bodging the arm up and it is not what i paid for as the arm was made with wood and not cardboard. The manager rang and refused to do anything other than this cardboard repair, spoke to customer services at head office who was just rude and told me thats all that would be done and tough if i dont like it.How can they get away with such poor repairs and service. The seller has requested we pay for an independent inspection of the sofa. If the report confirms faulty construction they have agreed to refund inspection cost and repair.

I ordered my sofa a 3 seater and a cuddlier in aug 11. After me making several calls the sofas finally turned up 28th oct. They collected the 3 seater for repair and gave us a lone one. The only other option is to go into your nearest store as that is where the delivery will come from. Never have i had this problem with previous leather sofas i have had and cleaned. On the subject of the faulty arm, they will still do a repair but wont guarentee the work. As they need to remove the entire leather from the sofa, mend the arm and then recover it with the leather. He has refused to cover the work with any guarentee, so if they do not refit the leather proberly, it will be on myself to get it fixed again. How can they get away with this and all he can say is take us to court if you are not happy as the judge will rule in our favour. He also said that you do not use the chair so the leather wont move on it. The subject of the sales advisor that told us that the sofa was made in italy when actually it was made in china, he basically said that this did not happen and i was lying. Well as i was there and asked this question when i placed the order, i know what was said and as he was not there, how can he say what was said without asking the sales advisor. He sat their quite smuggly and refused to answer the question about why he told me it was made in italy when it was made in china.

I guess the problems will carry on as this is still not resolved. Their customer service is very poor as well as they promise to ring you back and then dont. They seem only too happy to take your money but are not so good when problems arise and how they are sorted out.

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We were not happy with the lack of filling in the cushions, and the marks on the leather. Customer relations nil out of 10, so she has had to take the morning off work.

We havent had the suite 2 weeks yet and it looks like we have had it 2 years. Await with baited breath the same excuses from the next rep to visit. Within about 1 month i noticed bottom of table falling apart looked rotten. Next day store rang for refund inwhich i refused and asked full refund.

I was not offered any form transport to return the table so once again had to arrange for this heavy table to be returned in my car. As me and my partner lifted the table the marble fell out and smashed into my left big toe. He put his hand up and said we do not want to go there do we (how rude and arrogant he was) at time we order another table since have cancelled due to length of time and if table be in a good condition. Dfs need to get there act together and remember without us customers the shop and staff would not have jobs or stay open. Treat customers with respect and would of expected compensation out of this maybe should go down legal route?

The sofa began to develop small black spots on one of the cushions, and the entire area of the cushion gradually began to darken over the course of the year.

We have been offered a repair to the chair and a replacement to of the seat cushion section to the sofa.

We are very unhappy with this as we feel we should nt have to accept a repair and ultimately should have it replaced with a suite that is of showroom standard.

We have been told that the holes as i call them are actually gode marks whatever they are?????

Also on the chaise part of the sofa the seat cushion feels as though there is not enough filling in. The leather is also pretty slack around this part and already looks a few years old!

We have a service manager coming to see sofa next week. He was very reasonable and agreed that it was unacceptable.

I have had them one week and after only light use the chenille fabric on my 4 seater is all puckered!!!

My next step to speak to the branch manager. Repair was made and still the same thing. Refused offer of refund but offered another repair and still the same thing.

I do not bother anymore asking or complaining i just issue them a summons for the small claims court for the case to be dealt with. Its the only way to deal with these retailers these days, they take your money and then cannot be bothered. Yes we won by the way and got a full refund, perhaps they should listen to there customers more but they never do.My wife recently noticed that one of the springs is broken.

I will buy something else but they said no not without someone coming out to look at it.

I have just moved into a new place and was planning on getting one sofa now and assessing the space and then getting another one to go with the original one. The part of the sit of the sofa came apart from the frame so it is not possible to sit on it any more. They ignore me and kept telling me to send then more picture and then, after a year of purchase, they told me that the item is not under guarantee and they cannot fix it.

I thought a sofa bed should last more than a year. So on saturday we asked to cancel the suite and get anther smaller one. In 10 weeks time we get a suite that wont fit in our room.

I allowed a couple of repairs to start with then insisted i wasn’t happy with the quality and wanted refunding.

I have had to fight all the way, i think they just got fed up of me in the end, but perseverence is the answer people, don’t let up on them and quote the sale of goods act 1979(as amended) in every correspondence if it applies to you.

I am also having problems with my 6 week old sofa. Apparently these seats need ‘karate chopping” daily!!

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However within weeks they had also sagged. The inspector decided the suite wad fine yet he did not even sit on it but agreed that the arm cushions and seat cushions were not up to standard. After looking at the pics they decided it was not a manufacturers fault and couldn’t replace it. Basically they would not do anything – the sofa is only 2 weeks old!

I feel extremely disappointed and also annoyed at their poor customer service.

I would urge people to never use this cowboy outfit!

This sofa is of a better quality but 1 back cushion has started sagging and the creaking is driving me mad!

I know you will be offered a full refund it’s the only way to beat theses people.

We had it for about 6 months and the fabric was absolutely terrible, pilled an awful amount, faded and the cushion foam was sinking.

We inspected it but didn’t accept it as it would have just done it again in another 6 months time. This was a long process, we were without a couch for about 4-5 months, while we had a newborn too!

First time we sat on it, you can feel the wood frame under the cushion.

I just wonder if there is anything more we can do. Can we complain about our current lounge?

They said a man who works for there company can rebuild the corner piece in my home. My suit was supposed to arrive yesterday and fails to come.

I have to check the label whether it’s colour fast. For the other issue they are going to send someone out to have a look.

I am not happy with their quality and the comfort of the sofas. Nothing is lined up puffee is also out of line.Leather feels totally different to the one in the shop ours feels much thinner quality. Waiting for rep to come out they have cancelled once already.

We were very adamant we wanted white and not a shade any different. They fabric is not at all wearable and they are out of shape. The delivery guys left it here and even called the store for me. After over two months of waiting they got it wrong.

I purchased it in store and was specific about the sofa the sales guys got it wrong on the order.Whats the point of interest free for a year is half the year is wasted waiting. They did tell me the management has changed and its now a much better company from a customer service perpective. It turned out, even with the legs off the sofa was too big, so my partner explained to the adviser she no longer wished to proceed with the order, his reply was “too late now”. Would really appreciate some feedback on this. Monday morning to (unlikely) sort this out. They refused completely to help further even when i said ok just replace it like for like instead because that ‘repair’ you call it is a joke.

I had to shut up and put up but was reasured id 100% have no more problem with it….. That really puts faith in me getting another couch from them. So as per my consumer rights i have insisted on a full refund. This morning i have a girl call me totally rude and talking over me saying i cant have a refund right now as they have been reasonable. Oh yes putting me off couches bodging a repair job oh thats reasonable??

We ended up arguing over this until another lady came on the phone and arranged for another appointment with the upholsterer. Another guy came out a couple of weeks ago, my dad was there.

I recieved the report last week which does state the upholster saying it needs bolstering which would alleviate the problem. Meanwhile another tear appeared in the cushion and its getting worse!!

They then didnt deliver on day they said which was naughty but when it did come it wasnt the tall back it was a shorter one. The store has said as we are outside our 12 guarantee period they only willing to cover 50% of repair cost.

I would expect it to last at least 5 if not 10 years or more and as such expect them to repair it for free.

I have no faith they will meet this delivery date. What are my rights if they fail this delivery date?

I then contacted a independent specialist.

I am now made to feel that i am trying to ‘con’ them. My elderly mother who has copd (a progressive lung disease) and is on oxygen went looking in the store and the sales person saw that mum was finding it hard to breath!

Mum didn’t have the energy to look around the big shop and was just not her usual self. We’re just so sad as our last sofa was so strong it lasted 10 years and still had good use as it went ty charity shop sooo comfy compared to this junk!

Poor mum saved a couple years for what is a considerable amount for a 3 piece suite?the woman also managed to get a further £270 extended warranty also. And last night mum scraped her arm and noticed 3 blood spots on the arm of her chair. When given the free care kit that if we used it it would basically void our warranty!

Store and give your life savings to them it’s …see you later don’t bother contacting us for aftersale problems as we won’t help esp if your a vulnerable pensioner with cash in hand!

My cushions are sagging and the swivel chair that is hardly used is out of shape.

I telephoned today and was told that is not in the terms only thinks like wine stains and only the stain would be covered. After several attempts at them sending people round and sending them new cushions which were not correct size they gradually sunk in again as it is the springs that have gone under the chair.<