I like the way you did the back and the fabric is so cute. That way we are all helping each other in this community.

Doll Clothes Patterns Wellie Wishers
My items are made from quality fabrics and notions. Great attention is given to fit and details on my items, including trims, stitching and pressing. Each item is made by me with great love in my smoke free home.

We love creating new and easy to use outfits and hope our customers are pleased as well.Our classic pattern can be mixed and matched to create a full modern wardrobe for doll.

We hope you find our creations interesting and very easy for to dress your dolls.

I am really happy you like my patterns and want to know how to help me keep it up and getting better!

Every single dollar will be appreciated and be used to buy fabric or other sewing supplies. Welcome to my shop and thank you for visiting. They quickly became a favorite of their friends, sports teams and extended family.

Sew With Me | Wellie Wisher Dress

Sew with me, Wellie wisher nightgown/dress Girls nightgown Tutorial: https://youtu.be/_8-yROOEmtU Doll Nightgown pattern: ...

Directions and pattern pieces are in color so if you are concerned about your printer ink use, pre-printed patterns are available for a nominal additional fee.

You can be assured that my doll clothes are made from top quality fabrics and trims. These outfits are not recommended for children as dry cleaning is often necessary. This saves labor in resizing doll clothes. It went from 12inch dolls to 24 inch dolls. The caveat was that in order for the pattern to fit, the dolls had to have the same, or very similar body type.

I like what you’ve done with your alteration chart. She’s 18″ tall, and patterns for 18″ dolls are the right lengths, but she’s much slimmer than today’s dolls, with a 7″ waist. But as you said, this is great practice for the real thing!

My printer/copier will be working hard today. Just print off one pattern at the new size and try it first. Make any minor adjustments and then try the next pattern – this way you can fine tune the percentage as you go. Certainly makes the process of making a pattern much easier. Teaching the skill of altering patterns will stand her in good stead when s/he has to alter patterns for him/herself.

You may have to piece some pattern pieces together for the larger dolls. So always make up your new patterns that you have adjusted in scrap fabric so that you can make these final adjustments before making it with your good fabric. Love to know how you get on and what you find works for you. Work out what percentage you need to increase or decrease the pattern by and then either use your printer or a photo copier to alter the pattern. There will usually be a little fine tuning that needs to be done but that would be a good start. If so, you may have to shrink it a tiny bit but then again you may only have to shorten the sleeve or leg length. What would be the percentages to reduce them to fit the 13 inch doll and to enlarge them to fit the 20 inch doll?

The formula that you would use is for example 13″ doll waist measurement divided by the 18″ doll waist measurement and then multiply the answer by 100. Then repeat this formula for the chest, torso etc and then take an average of all the answers. Then repeat this exercise for your 20″ doll.

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Use scrap fabric to start with, make your adjustments and then move onto your good fabric.

You will also find that sewing flat for as long as possible makes sewing doll clothes so much easier.

You can find out more about this course here. I would love to know how you go with resizing your patterns. Just like so many other happy customers, you’ll be making beautiful doll clothes for your dolls in no time at all. Is your sewing machine eating your fabric when you sew?

I learnt so much and just finding out the tips and tricks made the video course worthwhile.

Free Doll Clothes Patterns Heartshearts Girls, Velvet Dolls, And Wellie Wishers

Visit ChellyWood.com for free, printable sewing patterns including those shown in this video: https://chellywood.com/gallery/ If you ...

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