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He and his wife believed that as long as they kept on working on the stone house that they would never die. He died about 20 yrs later but you can still see candlelight and hear him building on the house even during the day. Believed to be a spot where two star-crossed lovers were buried. The spirit is said to have a dog like head, lion sized body with the coarse mane like hair, and deep red eyes.On one occasion as the people cleared the fence to get away it hit the fence so hard that it shook, but it did not pursue them after they had left. Supposed to be a haven for ghosts, paranormal activity, and witchcraft. The house is said to have a very unnatural influence on many people. There have been reported sounds of guns being fired in the backyard, but no one being present. Also very faint whispers have been heard when being alone in the house. Now to this day everyday the lunch ladies fix salads they can hear that girl screaming for help in a low deep voice.

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It is said every night at midnight he walks from one end of the bridge to the other. He then disappears and you can hear the rope swinging. The dare was to at midnight, walk across the bridge and back. As they sped away, they had to cross a set of railroad tracks. Directly in front of them, there was a strange blue light that was hovering over the railroad tracks. Even reports of a train coming, when the railroad tracks have been defunct for nearly 50 years. Supposedly a railroad worker was killed, becoming decapitated, many years ago. The light is said to be him swinging a lantern looking for his head. Police don’t allow people to park around the tracks anymore though, you will need permission to visit. The wife was stricken with an illness and had to be put in a wheelchair. Her husband fell in love with another woman and pushed his wife into the lake killing her. Some nights she can be seen as a green mist hovering above the ground and there will be wheelchair tracks on the ground. Most spotters describe the beast as red eyed /possessed look. Also, you can see someone standing in the corner wearing a black cloak, and covering his or her face. As you start to leave you can hear the sounds of “things” running through the woods, leaves rustling, sticks breaking, etc. And you have the feeling of being “watched” the whole time you are there. In this building you can hear moaning and groaning going on.

You will hear a woman sounding like she is in pleasure. This happens at 11:00pm-12:00am every other day. Sometimes you can see a visual perspective of a young woman. Wickham who haunts the grounds at and around the headless statues. Strange noises and such have been heard near the cabin he used to live in across the street. The statues are all still standing but are in desperate need of repair. As the story goes one of the slaves impregnated the slave owner’s daughter by forms of rape.

It is said that the slave still haunts the house and neighboring cemetery looking for his unborn child. Smith is said to be seen on the widow’s walk on moonlit nights. In life, she sat on the balcony overlooking the river waiting for him to come home. He died in an accident on the river, and never returned to her. She still stands in vigil, waiting for her husband to come home. They say that if you walk through the park on stormy nights that all of the trees will be moving from the wind blowing through the branches and leaves- except one. The windows are painted blood red, even on the 2nd floor. Now abandoned, the place is still heavily guarded by pure evil, evident through spectral photos. Sometimes when you walk past the cemetery you can hear children playing or you can hear someone getting murdered. She was seen sitting on the rock wearing white. Flashing lights can be seen from the trees at night when no source of light is even visible.

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I can attest to strong energy levels in the master bedroom and the nursery, as well as a few other areas of the house. The reason you are pushed over the hill is to get you out of the way of on coming traffic. She has appeared on several occasions and one lucky person caught her on film!

She will call out to you, calling out your name in a pleading voice, asking for help. Her voice is normally heard in the afternoon and early evening. Reuben believes his job is to stand watch and make sure his dead comrades are safe. He’s also very lonely and sad because no one talks to him. Even if you can’t see him, just a simple greeting makes his day (or eternity, as it were).

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We knew of him because he called out his name as we pulled up to park the car. If you go there on a rainy, stormy night you can see him walking with a lantern looking for his head. She was sent to an insane asylum where she died a few years later. Witnesses say there is heavy activity in a house not surrounded by any living occupants. Ghost dogs, what appeared to be a little girl, and a ghost that told us to leave before she disappeared is just the tip of the iceberg. He stopped a car on the bridge and jumpe dinto the back seat.

You can even try it with your doors locked and he will stilll get in!!

Supposedly a mother and her infant child were crossing the bridge one night in their carriage, when suddenly the carriage wheel broke, flipping the carriage over into the river, killing the both of them. Local residents claim that if you go to the bridge late at night, you can hear the faint cries of the baby and the horrid screams of the terrified mother. She was scared of many things so constantly she would turn her head and make sure everything was all right. Once, she turned her head and she saw that a group of gothic people were looking at her from the corner of the track and she saw that one of the gothic people were pointing at her as if they were going to kill her.Now if you go to the track at night and look in the left corner, you can still see people pointing at you. It was the big, red and white game (the school colors were red and white). Flintville elementary school where the old railroad tracks used to be. Most think it is just a way to get your sweetheart in a parked car on a dark deserted road. Many have gone there to park, to spend time alone together. While they are there, a mysterious light appears from the old railroad track.

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The light will appear to come towards you. The story behind the light is that a local was out walking the track and was run over by a speeding train. His body parts was scattered for 150 yards. The story of the light has been around for decades. Even though the railroad tracks are gone, you can still see the chilling light as it makes it way towards. As the light appears to be very close, it just up and disappears. There have been recordings of sounds and pictures taken there by local investigators. One of them delights in tickling your ankles or trying to grab your ankle as you walk by the row where they’re buried. This is not the little girl’s spirit, but one of the soldiers. Carter who was killed when he fell from the staircase. Upstairs you can hear voices, knocking on walls, and slamming door’s also you can hear someone walking on the stair’s. If your downstairs you can hear the toilets flush and the water faucet will turn off and on. The killing’s were of such a perverse nature that you can sometimes still hear them screaming for there lives.People have seen ghostly apparitions around the back parking lot, and near the fountain. These murders occurred over 15 years ago. Every two weeks before her death’s anniversary, you can see her crying and pointing up to the spot where she fell to her death. Especially one of a former manager who ran the operation in the early eighties. Of course they realize these are events reported by persons directly involved but they are very surprised there isn’t allot more of them. It is said that her remains are still in the basement of the house and that she still roams the streets harming no one but looking for help to uncover the truth. Several people have reported hearing an piano/organ play upstairs, but there’s no one there. Story is that there was a girl that had a baby but the head mother took the baby away. The girl took the baby back and supposedly killed the head mother. The baby is supposedly buried behind the dorm. The dorm caught fire but the head mother couldn’t get out. The door to the 4th floor is sealed, and the elevator will not go to the 4th floor. It is said if you drive around the church at midnight, you can see him hanging in the bell tower. In pictures you can see different sizes and orb shapes.

You can hear doors slam, and at night, it has been told that you can see red or green lights that are shaped like eyes. The caretaker of the cabin was an albino man. It is said that you can see red eyes in the woods moving. Not like someone is walking but as if they were floating. All survived except for a woman, who was wearing a red dress, and her child, on the forth floor.

In the 1960’s a fire broke out again, and once again the building was burned to the ground. Witnesses say they saw a lady standing in a forth floor window, wearing a red dress, shouting for help. The sounds of someone up the stairs to the forth floor can sometimes be heard still, and some still claim to see the lady run down the hall to her child’s room. The student could not understand what was said due to the rapid speech. That is the people that are coming to watch the hanging. There is a little drive off of the side road (it is a dirt road) that goes back into fields, but on each side there is lots of tress, but now they keep it chained up. A lot of years ago, a man was hung down there and they say his spirit still haunts this place. When you drive down the road you have to go all the way until you come to a dead end.

You will see a lantern swinging in the mist like as if someone has it walking towards you. The owner of the property was not responsible if anything happened to anyone. Sometimes late in the evening, you can hear what is said to be slaves singing and working. A woman and a little girl dressed in old-fashioned clothes are the most common spirits there. They are said to be the owner of the plantation’s wife and daughter. Sounds of footsteps and chains being dragged across the porch.

I have stayed there myself and the place is very haunted. One man is said to have shot his self in the kitchen, another was pushed down the stairs by his wife and killed. Sometimes at night you can hear a woman screaming on the stairs and shutters opening and closing. And once and a while you see images in mirrors and guns going off. Coaches and gym teaches have sworn to hear basketballs bouncing while alone, grading papers, in the gymnasium. She supposedly killed herself and now haunts the building. When there is an approaching thunderstorm he has been known to shut the windows and doors that were left open. He is known as “marble boy” and can be heard dropping his marbles on the ceilings of every room in the hall. She worked there about 20 years ago and finally retired, but would go just to help put the books back in place, she had a heart attack and died down there. Whenever people were down there, they said they felt like they were being watched, and when they pulled material and left for a minute they’d come back and it was put up, that’s not strange except they were down there by themselves. She appeared to one of the workers and she swore she’d never go down there again. The man got out of the car and started pushing the car up the exit towards the main road so that it could be seen by passerbys.Instead of the car traveling down the incline, like it is supposed to do, the car rolls backwards up the hill, as if someone where pushing it. Some say that if done long enough, the car windows become foggy and you can see the handprints of the man in the windows from where he was pushing the car. It’s been spotted at several locations on the mountain at different times of the day and night. It rolls along up and down the mountain and can roll across even dry leaves and never start a brushfire. It ranges in size from about a bowling ball size to upwards of three feet across. It has been rated as one of the most haunted places in the country. On a warm spring night when the flowers are coming out, you will see several people walking. As you get close enough to ask them if they need help, they all disappear. All you will be left with is a chill for your trouble. Many people have said when they are there they hear the witch beating on the top of the coffin trying to escape. The flute then went down her throat and killed her. It is said that some nights she wanders the halls but especially the gym.

She has been seen (dressed in a long white dress) walking on the gym stage. One person who claimed to have seen her thought she was a real person until she walked off the stage and just kept walking into the air. He had been visiting his son, who had also been in a car accident, in the hospital. Over 120 people have reported seeing him. This happened several times to this girl, and soon she murdered herself. Now on foggy, full moon nights, people have reported 2 things. The one common story is that when driving through the tunnel, a woman suddenly appears in the back seat of the car. There are reports of a photo taken inside a car in the tunnel and there was the outline of a woman sitting in the backseat. A family explored this tunnel a few months ago and took their 6-year-old son. Baker refused and barricaded himself and in his bedroom. He did kill the informer, a postmaster, but was later killed by the informer’s friends in a return act of revenge. The house went through several changes of hands before becoming a jazz bar, which was likely very disrupting to whatever spirits are there. The theater was once some kind of army hospital way back when. When the boyfriend got nervous, he went back to where he had left her and she wasn’t there. No one knew where the girl had went and he told no one of what he had done. One year later on the day of her murder, the boyfriend was on his way home from a party when he was stabbed and killed and left for dead. No weapon was ever recovered nor was anyone ever convicted. It is said that is was his high school girlfriend that came back from the dead to avenge her murder. Supposedly, many strange things happened in that stairwell that caused the school board to close it up. The doors are locked and it now leads to nowhere cause it has been built up at the top.There are many boxes of storage in there and no student is to be allowed in there at anytime. At night it has been reported that janitors can hear arguing, and sometimes you may even hear something falling down them. Many who have worked here, have seen ghosts. Hillcrest is known for it’s caring staff. People have reported hearing the screams of patients being beaten and shackles being thrown around. It is not a house but many houses that see the same ghosts. A man with white hair, in a long nightgown.They like to open people’s garage doors in the middle of the night. Unlock doors during daytime when the owners are away so that they come home and their house is wide open. Mainly seen late at night moving through the tombstones. It is said that she appears in the lobby mirror every year on her birthday. Residents claim to see red glowing eyes and hear movement outside there apartments. It is said that a while back a man hung himself there and the rope was so long that rescuers merely cut him down as opposed to climbing the bluff and removing the rope.

Some people say that on nights when there his no moon you can drive be and see the shape of a man hanging there, but if you get out of the car it is gone. In a few towns over a murderer had escaped from a prison. The girls were told to keep their door locked. One of the girls needed to use the restroom. They developed a secret knock so that the other girl would know who it was. The girl left to go to the bathroom and the door was locked behind her. The girl was gone for about 30 minutes and then the girl in the room heard two knocks on the door. She did not open the door, because it was not the secret knock, but kept it locked and made no sound. Several hours later the girl walked out into the hallway to find the hall covered in blood and her roommate dead on the floor. Apparently, the murderer broke into the hall and killed the girl. She haunts the hall and plays tricks on the residents. A boy waiting for his class to begin was sitting on the window sill of the third floor. He leaned back on the window and the window gave way, and tragically he fell to his death. It is said that the boy wonders the third floor slamming the doors as he makes his way through the hall.

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Also, many years ago a science teacher who’s class was on the third floor was leaving for the night. Piano playing can also sometimes been heard. Adams continued to live in his wonderful house with tower rising over the structure. Marion is seen at times toddling over to the window. He is a blonde haired boy clothed in a wonderful soft light. May did show great sadness the day a 1870’s period garment was place on display in their master bedroom which is now the main lodging room for the current inn. Carol conducts ghost tours each day or house tours according to visitors requests. Her apparition has been seen on several occasions in the cemetery. On the fourth floor a student killed herself and has since haunted the hall. The annual haunted house is held here, but not on the fourth floor. Students have reported strange happenings on the fourth floor, especially in the community bathroom. When you are outside playing ghost come up to you and grab you and try to take you away but if you do not look at them they will leave you alone.