These lovable characters each share a special bond with their animal best friends. He looks so sharp in his faded jeans and studded black boots!

Doll Face Animation
He finishes his look with a soft fur scarf, cozy black jacket and a checkered 'shirt' with pink bowtie. Pointer hedgehog friend -- so cute with orange eyeglasses and furry hair. He wears an orange pair of eyeglasses and has hedgehog facial features -- hedgehog ears even poke from his spiky molded hair.

You know how with most doll glasses they won't stay on without a rubber band or glue attaching them?Most kinds of doll look great in photos, still good in the package, but look disappointing after opening. They look cute in the photos, and the animals look meh. In person, inside the package, the dolls still look cute, and the animals look disappointing. Not a big fan of painted on clothes, but it is less stuff for the kids to lose. The red glasses on this little guy and his pet really make them stand out.

I cleaned off his face and did a repaint adding a moustache and goatie!

Senior Project Animation.

doll face image