Skipper doll and a fabulous vanity set that lets three of the sisters get ready for daytime or bedtime together (other dolls sold separately). Skipper doll is ready for casual fun in an adorable tank and shorts with matching slippers.

Doll Bath Accessories
Realistic accessories allow lots of imaginative story ideas. Items like a hair dryer, three toothbrushes and three towels, plus more, are perfect for sister styling. Skipper doll wearing fashions and slippers, three-person vanity and themed accessories. If my kids put this in their dollhouses there isn't any room for the bath tub unless it's in front of the vanity sink.She got it for her birthday and it fits perfect inside her kid craft doll house and she loves all the little accessories.

I love that there is grooves in the counter top for the cups so they stay up while playing with the sink. Very sturdy doesnt topple over or anything during playtime. My daughter loves vanities in real life, so this little set for the sisters is right up her alley. It's actually pretty sturdy, and it was a great price for both the doll and the vanity together. The external box that the package was delivered in was not damaged either.

Doll Bathroom For Disney Frozen Elsa And Play Princess Dress Up Bath Time Routine!

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