They have porcelain head arms and legs with a flexible body. Each doll (except the baby) has it’s own stand and fully poseable limbs.

Doll Family A
Little girl in denim pants and top, size : 4 1/2″ high. Beautiful baby in pink, size : 2 1/2″ high. Previously owned but still in excellent clean condition. They are 1/12 scale with bendable arms legs.Milled from hardwood and sanded smooth for ease in painting or staining. In good used condition as shown in photos. Wooden bodies with bendy arms and legs are easy to position on dolls house furniture, while offering durability for long lasting play. Flexible black plastic on the inside with a felt effect on the outside. This auction is a three piece doll house family; mum, dad and baby. The two of female dolls are all dressed in the original clothing and one still has the protective paper on her legs and feet.

Doll Family A Shana Unboxing (With Bonus Frog!)

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A set of 7 wooden dolls made from wood with sturdy construction. They also bend at the knee and the lower part of the leg is porcelain. They are perfect to promote sorting, matching, and pretend play for kids. The family is made from porcelain and the arms and legs are moveable. Preferred gift for puppet collectors and lovers. Frim structure for puppets stably standing. This item is a d etailed scale model for adult collector and is not suitable for children under 14. The family is made from porcelain and the arms and legs are movable.

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Doll Family A Quewei On Sd Female Body Box Opening (Warning Doll Nudity!)

In this video I unbox the Doll Family-A Shana sculpt (blank) I ordered from Alice’s Collections.

I also ordered a wig and some …