Other metal is cleaned and repainted or coated to prevent rust. Wood is sanded when necessary for a smooth finish and has several coats of finish, ending with a hand-rubbed durable satin gloss tung oil finish (the finish preferred by professionals for fine antiques).

Trunks are cleaned out and relined with attractive, quality fabric, ready to use anywhere in your home. This fabric lining holds up very well and will look great indefinitely.

I have trunks that were lined almost 30 years ago and they still look great.

We are very picky about the condition of trunks we purchase to bring you only the best!All the appraisers currently work with some of the world's top auction houses, who are frequently in the news for finding treasures and fetching high-prices. They're top-experts with years of experience, studying and handling some of the world's rarest items within their field of expertise. Their ability to spot treasures are both legendary and well-documented throughout the many media stories we report. They are true, and were life-changing for the folks who benefited from the appraisers keen eye. This provides a high level of motivation to both the appraiser and auctioneer to find valuable items, through their free online appraisal process. While finding a life-changing treasure is not guaranteed.

The process can help you learn to spot small-treasures , that can make life a little easier, and fun. The likelihood of an appraisal goes up, with the uniqueness, rarity and value of your item. Identify auctioneers, with the most success selling your item. Before continuing with the rest of the steps. Make sure they are high-quality, and showing as much detail as possible. Like most busy people, they probably prefer concise communications made in a polite and respectful tone. While free online appraisals are convenient, in-person appraisals (by top experts) are superior. It's worth contacting the auctioneers to see if they have any free valuation-days planned, in a city near you. Because small details can make a big difference in an items value. An in-person appraisal may catch details that might go unnoticed in an online photo. If you strike-out with top auctioneers, go local. Find reputable auctioneers in your area, and look for free-appraisal information on their websites. If they don't do free-appraisals, move onto another auctioneer.

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