Also, the pattern is for about a 3 months size. Join with slip stitch to beginning chain 2.

Doll Dress Form Pattern
Joining with slip stitch to beginning chain. When u get to the end make sure there are 3 treble crochets before u join. Its ok if u have to double up here, the count of three is whats important. Work this way all the way around until last 4 stitches.Join the band color during the slip stitch into the last rounds chain 4. Do this all the way around until there are 3 stitches left. Join with a slip stitch to top of chain 4. Take the time now to weave in allllllll your ends and stitch up the back of the dress. With back of the dress facing you join yarn in a stitch at the back of the neck edge and ch 1. At the end of the round join and change color for finishing the sleeve.

Leave a long tail for sewing and wrapping bow. Keeping seam in the back use yarn to wrap around and around middle to make the bow. They have lots of tutorial videos to help you. And their site has lots of free patterns with tutorial videos to go along with the patterns. Thank you for the instructions on how you adapt patterns for the larger children.

I have the same dilemma with five granddaughters all in different sizes. Where are the instructions for adapting it for larger sizes?

Thank you so much for taking the time to write out the pattern for some of us who aren't quite that creative. Do you think making this in a silk bamboo would be okay.

I have saved it and thanks for sharing the pattern.

I love to make dresses and look forward to making this one!

Is that suppose to be like that because it leaves a big hole in the back of the dress?

Row 4 begins in same stitch as chain which will get you to the first chain 1 space.

You told the fabric so the first (where you stop) and second chain 1 spaces meet and you connect those to create the little sleeve.

You will then fold it again to create the other sleeve on the other side. Took me a minute to figure out which way it went!

I have frogged this so many times already.

I am still trying to learn how to read patterns and the video is a great help to me. Is there any way you can give me number of stitches to use for a size 3 dress?

I am not able to measure her because they live 1000 miles away from me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Work this way all the way around to last 3 st. Anyone know how to increase for larger sizes?

It is so hard to write it down while watching a video.

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Please write it down and send it to my e-mail pmumphy@aol, com. Did you make all the changes to the above pattern???

Join the last sc to the first one, and turn the piece over, as the video suggests. If you're planning to change color for the second row of petals, this is the time to do it. Because with a k hook before adding sleeves im still only getting 6" across. Will you be coming our with adjustments for size in the near future?

Has anyone figured out how to make the dress in different sizes?

I would love to make this for a 4 year old!!!!

It's always been scarfs and blankets and hats. This dress has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. Thanks sooooo much for sharing this tutorial.

Doll Dress Form Pattern

All the best wishes to you and your family and loved ones. Can you share some of your techniques using the thinner (sports weight or baby yarn?) and what size hook?

I use a smaller hook size would the dress be a smaller size?

Could you please advise how to do the bodice as per your original pattern- with back opening?

This pattern is never to be sold individually or in any type of book or booklet form, including e-books. It is not to be distributed for commercial use. Any distribution of this pattern for non-personal use is against the law!

You may sell your finished work made from this pattern.

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Looking forward to purchasing the other sizes in the near future.

I cannot wait to hold her in my arms in that pretty dress, when she born next month!

Anyone feel like making a pair of baby pants tonight?

Seam allowances of 1/4 inch are included. The only exception is that the center back seam is left open and each seam at center back can be turned in twice - 3/8 and 3/8 inch to form a hem which is overlapped and a velcro dot sewn on at the neckline. Note that on the bodice front the center front is a fold line. And the top of the sleeve is a fold line. If you are adding the inset panel to the front of the skirt it should be cut 9 inches wide. You’ll need one half yard (one half meter) of material for the dress, and one-fourth yard (one-fourth meter) white or contrasting material for skirt front pleat. Baste right side of lace to right side of neck opening. Using the bias strip sew one long edge to right side of neckline.Fold bias strip to inside of neckline, turning in once and blind stitch to wrong side of neckline. To finish back seam of bodice, turn in twice on each center edge and hand or machine stitch to make a ¼” hem. Along armpit edge gather sleeve with basting stitch just inside the one-quarter inch line to fit armhole and with right side of sleeve facing right side of front and back bodice (which are just joined at shoulders and now lay out flat) stitch together with one-fourth inch seam. With right sides of sleeves and bodice facing, sew together sides of bodice and underside of sleeves at the same time. Stitch the sides of the white fabric to the sides of the colored fabric along the 2 seams from the waist to the hemline on the 2 ends of the colored fabric. Now, with skirt turned right side out bring each of the 2 edges of colored fabric to meet at center front so the white fabric is folded behind like a pleat on each side of the center front seam.

Baste the white fabric to the colored fabric at the waistline. Now you can see you have a ‘kick pleat’ in front. Gather the waist seam to match the bodice lower edge and sew skirt to bodice keeping pleat at center front. On outside topstitch just above waistline on bodice all the way around. Top stitch cross grain or satin ribbon to waistline so that you have the tie in front.

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