Mid-range hotels offer facilities like heated water, internet accessibility and good food. The peak season is generally during summer, so it is recommended to book rooms in advance if planning to visit during that time.

Doll Festival India
This both are the restaurants serving decent food. The randy robot is programmed with artificial intelligence so that she responds to gentle seduction. Assam tourism info includes popular tourist places famous adventure tours packages. It is the hub of commercial trading in north east.A great number of schools and educational institutions make it a hub for education in east. It is a small town less frequented by tourists. The unmatched view of sunrise in the exotic natural environs is marvelous. The exquisite beauty, innocence and naivety of the land and its people make it a hot tourist spot among travelers.

You have ample opportunities for it in the state.

You can enjoy river rafting holiday tours in this titanic river and its various tributaries.

The torrential river, the wild environs, the mighty hills all come in your way of river cruise. A holiday tour on tea gardens, playing golf will be an unmatched experience of paramount happiness. These provide extreme friskiness to the tourists.

You can even take part in bicycle and motorbike rallies. Every possible figure is made: doll, brides, grooms, deity idols. People clad in vibrant outfits gleefully merry. Commencing with worshiping the cows, this festival is a myriad of varied hues. The preparations are not that lavish and use of jaggery or sugar is main. Curry of boiling vegetables accompanies rice. Pithas made from rice powder is essential for many dishes here. Birds like duck and pigeon; partridge and chicken, mutton are fondly relished and particularly favorite are the pork dishes. Assam tourism will definitely appeal to your senses. This land has always attracted herds of people to explore and discover the gems of nature. Grey is symbolic of the transforming strength of a mother when her child is confronted with danger. She is depicted riding a ferocious lion , having four arms and holding her baby. The light blue colour of the day portrays an admiration towards the nature's beauty. Many mark their faces with vermilion (sindooram ) or dress in something red. A pot is installed (ghatasthapana) at a sanctified place at home. A lamp is kept lit in the pot for nine days. It is the largest cattle trading fair, and attracts a large handicrafts market in pottery, kitchen and house ware, as well as traditional clothing. The prayers are dedicated to a symbolic clay pot called garbo , as a remembrance of womb of the family and universe. It is a folk dance, where people of different background and skills join and form concentric circles. The nine nights are celebrated by presenting devotional songs, and through religious discourses. Artists arrive to perform folk musical instruments.

The elder writes a letter and the child writes the same with his or her index finger.

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