I was nearly choking from fear and could barely talk.

I heard the mad laughter that came from her desiccated skull.

Doll Corpse
I ran back to the cart and my father asked me what had happened.

I screamed and scrambled past her, down the ladder, down the stairs and out the door. She screamed in my face, an unearthly screech that shook me to the core. She was a rotting corpse with wide, staring red eyes.I took a step further and it happened again.

I decided to leave the house and go back to my father.

I took a few more steps into the room, and saw something move out of the corner of my eye. They were cracked and damaged and their dresses were stained by the rain.

I could make out small faces, dotted around the attic!

I looked up and could see that the trap door was closed.

Corpse Bride Inspired Doll Repaint Tutorial

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I tested the ladder, which was still sturdy, and climbed up. Maybe she sneaked out one night when nobody was watching?

The sheets were still folded neatly on top. There was a faint smell of rotting meat, but besides some chairs and a stove, there was nothing much of interest downstairs. This was almost certainly where her remains were. My father called for me to stop, saying that there was no point in going inside. But who would have listened to me back then?

I could make out a layer of dust and cobwebs covering everything. He said he didn’t know and he didn’t care. There were holes in the roof and the windows were cracked and broken.

I went back to help my father move his things and to see the village one last time.

I never really believed that she had hurt anyone. The village well had dried up and the remaining people were abandoning the village to move to a nearby town. Her face had become pale and gaunt and her eyes were wide and red from crying. She looked like the very embodiment of madness. Iskra was never seen to leave her house again.

I sometimes caught sight of her face in a window as she stared at the children playing outside. Twenty years worth of gifts, all given back.

I remember seeing them all sitting there in a pile. This doll, that she had spent so much time and effort on, was her way of proving it. Iskra wept and tried to protest her innocence. This time, however, it did not end there. It had huge blue eyes and she had made an elaborate blue gown for it. Klavdiya’s mother was led away by her husband.

doll lady corpse corpse bride inspired  1
Iskra had not been seen for a few days and when my sister’s birthday came, we knew why. He was not wrong, for within a few days the fever claimed her life.

We carried her back to her parents as fast as we could. The doctor came and said she had a powerful and dangerous fever. The dolls were of the best quality, purchased from a far-away town, and she lovingly made the clothes herself. She took it with her everywhere, as most of the girls did. Iskra had never given birth, but she loved the children of the village as if they were her own. Iskra’s husband had been a farmer and the wealthiest man in the village until his heart gave out. The boys in the village had a few wooden toys – carts, horses and soldiers carved by our fathers. But every little girl had a beautiful doll.

We had fresh water and we had enough to eat, but we didn’t have much else.

Corpse Bride Inspired (Poseable) Doll Polymer Clay Tutorial

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