Foley, while he takes his truck and begins the drive to the institution. Foley from behind with a glass bottle, knocking him out.

Foley is, and how in a way he is a little envious of him. But as she places him on her bed, she reenacts the murder of her own baby with the doll, smothering him with a pillow. Foley, they bury the doll in a makeshift grave outside. She asks him to kill her, to which he obliges and chokes her to death by shoving his arm down her throat.He finally admits to her that he was never going to kill her, and transfers his soul from the doll into her. He tries to shoot, but the gun has run out of ammo. He asks her if "compressed " means what he thinks it means, before going to the other end of her gurney. He thinks that she did it to herself, and she is taken to another room to be restrained. She goes to dump the doll down the laundry chute, but yells out in pain before she can do so. Sighing, he takes the doll and holds a lighter over its hand, melting the plastic until the hand is disfigured.

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Foley only believes that it is special effects and has him taken out of the office. He becomes frustrated when she believes he is just a hallucination, and announces that "she's next " as he walks away. Andy puts the joint up to the head's lips. Foley before she exits the room distressed, so he puts it in the group therapy room. Walking down the stairs, he takes a little time to explain his motives. She takes the knife from him, and plunges the knife in his back. Andy leaves the package on his table as he answers his phone. He pushes her over the balcony, where she falls to the ground below. However, as he is a doll, he simply reattaches it. Chucky reveals himself, proclaiming that she is next. She notices something on his face, and begins to peel off latex strips, revealing scars underneath. This electrocutes and kills her, and causes a power outage. After the two kill one of the stage hands , their son announces himself. This causes him to die slowly, as the acid eats away his face. Chucky is so thrilled by this, that he sets up a camera to take a photo of them beside his first victim. The voodoo magic that "fuels" the killer dolls has also accelerated the pregnancy, and she soon gives birth to twins. He decides to go home, but while driving back he loses control and dies in a traffic accident. She takes his gun, and shoots him multiple times. Angered, he hits her with a shovel, and they fight until he ultimately stabs and kills her. After she pulls the knife out, they are tied up. While confronting them, the dolls jump up and hold them hostage with guns. David, backing up with fear, is accidentally hit by a truck and killed. The next day, she taunts him by throwing him a bridal doll, with the ring on a necklace. Heartbroken, she confines him to a playpen for the night.

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To the contrary, he reveals that he was never going to propose to her, and the ring was one he stole from someone he killed, and planned to sell. Using parts of other dolls, she sews him back together, and attempts to resurrect him. Chucky falls into a propelling fan, shredding him to pieces. After they switch hostages, both teams show up and start firing, with students being shot and killed in the crossfire. During this time, he also shouts insults at both teams in order to get them to start shooting at each other. He reveals his true intentions to the boy, who out of fear stabs the doll and runs back to the game. A few hours later, the school is getting ready for their annual paint ball war game, with the students split into red and blue teams. Chucky steals the red team's rifles, and replaces the paint pellets with live ammunition. The garbage man takes him and throws him into the truck, but is alarmed to hear a voice shouting from inside. With his blood melding with the molten plastic, he is once again brought to life in a new doll body. He emerges from the closet, and beats her to death with a yardstick.

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He then drops him, causing him to fall and break his neck. Karen shoots him several times, knocking off his head, arm, and leg. As he thought that as a doll he was invincible, he is shocked to see that the bullet hurt him, and runs off. Once on the ground, he puts an electric shock helmet on him, and shocks the doctor to death. Chucky then attacks her, and she tosses him to other side of the room, allowing him to escape. Scared, she pulls the doll out from under the couch, and continues to try and make the doll talk. Chucky's head sharply turns backwards as she looks, making her drop the doll. She notices that the doll has been running without batteries, cautiously checks the doll's back.

Karen explains to him that no one believes his story, and if he does not tell the truth, the police will take him away from her. He fires wildly at the noise, causing his house to explode. Ardmore to monitor while they interview him. Eddie hears his stove door open, and takes his gun to check it out. When she goes to clean it up, he grabs a hammer and hits her, causing her to fall out of the window to the ground below. The chant causes lightning to burst through the store skylight and cause an explosion. Maggie scolds him, but he denies doing anything; she simply tucks him in and goes back to the living room. The dolls were well made, and a good size.

I think this set of dolls will be handed down from one generation to the next--it truly is a classic and this is a beautiful example of the dolls.

I plan to get the books and read them later. He is beautifully hand made, with exquisite detail to his outfit and overall look.Such a special gifit for any child to receive. Extremely well made, no parts to come off and cause choking, the medium size is perfect for the toddler to carry around and play with and for the young infant the dolls would decorate the nursery. Unable to drive while being attacked, the car goes out of control and flips over.

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Cult of Chucky - Andy vs Chucky: After being locked up in the asylum like he planned, Andy(Alex Vincent) is attacked by a Chucky ...

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