The people that bid on big items are professional and pay fair prices. If you have a bunch of stuff and and don't want people prowling around your house at a garage sale, this may be the place to get rid it.

Doll Auction Houses
She was so rude and would not stop going on and on. This place is fun to go to, you never know what you'll come home with. The staff has always been nice to me and is a playful fun group. Yes sometimes people pay ridiculous amounts and go over retail price, but just don't bid on that stuff.I have gotten some insanely cheap deals here. It's just like a treasure hunt, sometimes you hit it big and sometimes you go home empty. They bid on almost everything worth anything and drive the prices up for the rest of us regular folks that are just trying to buy a few items, not come out with trailer loads worth of stuff. The auctioneer is well known in his field and is just great.

I also know this to be a locally owned business who involves themselves in the community. She was very friendly and patient with the kids.

Doll Auction Haul!

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Check out my latest doll auction haul!

Some of the dolls you will see in this video include Madame Alexander dolls, Ideal Pepper ...

Spend the day eating burgers or hot dogs sold on site, and then watch the people and the bargins. Wear your walking shoes and preview as well as you can, perferably the day before. Make yourself a budget before you go, or at least before you bid. Take warm clothes if it's in the cooler months, the buildings are open and it can get chilly. They do have parking on site and on the road edge.

I live near by and occasionally go to the auction to look for an item.

I think they get caught up in the action and can't bear to lose.

I was just there to make sure he didn't buy something that was crap.

I explained that my son just got hired at the shipyard which anyone local knows how hard that is she stated that it wouldn't last because of his ears being gaged.

I think there are some crabby curmudgeons writing the other reviews for this place. Take it or leave it, this is only my personal experience. He said they had thousands of online buyers and many who come out to the facility. Mind you there of course were just some "ok" stuff, but they took two trucks completely packed full to the auction. There were very many high quality pieces of furniture.

I give them a 2 star for being professional, having nice workers, paying the check as promised. Fridays are the 'preview days' so one can see what's available. Just know how much you're willing to spend and the fair market value of the item beforehand. All items sell as is, we will describe to the best of our abilities, but use your own knowledge and expertise to decide value.


Antique Doll Sells For $, And Sets New World Auction Record

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