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I mean, isn’t that what fingers are for??

Doll Blendsmart Brush
Did it turn out to be a happy surprise, or did it turn out to be just another unused brush collecting dust on my vanity?

There are definitely pros and cons to this brush. In fact, this is not something you want to use close to your eyes or hair-line. The flat brush head doesn’t quite fit into tighter spots like around the nose.It takes ‘buffing out’ to a whole other level. It would be nice to have 2-3 speed options on this brush, though, if only for the feeling of control. Although, after reading your pros and cons, this sounds really neat. So this is my first impressions on this brush. Finally, a makeup brush that does what you want … effortless and even makeup coverage regardless of your skill level. Our rotating brush heads spin faster than the human hand, use less of your favorite makeup, and best of all deliver consistently natural, airbrush results.

I didn’t want to get to close in case my hand would slip or a hair would work itself free. Just when you think things won’t ever change, they do.

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Try It With Me Doll Blendsmart Rotating Foundation Brush| Niecey W Beauty

Hey YT!

Here is another episode in my Try it With Me series!

Today I am trying for the first time the Doll 10 BlendSMART Rotating …

6 simple steps to untangling matted hair on a doll1 image