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Doll Ariel
She gets her cunt filled with that vibrator and all she needs to do is rub that clit while the machine does the rest. Christmas, it is not matted and still beautiful and works perfectly. Haven’t even had to change batteries yet.

I don’t have to hear the same thing every time she presses the button.It says it is fully submersible but that must not be the case. The shell necklace button also stopped working.

I tried putting brand new batteries in but it still does the same thing. There is no visible water damage so it seems like a wiring issue. The colored lights are bright and vibrant, and while she loves all the different phrases, her favorite part is the singing. Only downside is you can’t really hear her if you have the doll underwater, but that’s to be expected.

Doll Repaint!

Disney Classic Ariel Ooak Custom

Hi everyone!

Today I’m repainting an Ariel Classic Doll from the Disney Store!

Let me know what you think in the comments …

Hopefully she’ll continue to hold up out there!

The doll is fully submersible, colorful, has beautiful hair, and stands up on the tail. It lit up on contact with the water but wouldn’t sing.

I was worried it was broken but she said she submerged it in the water later during her daughter’s bath time and it sang and lit up as it was supposed to.

We ran to the bathroom and ran it under the faucet. Better, but not solved so a little annoying.

I was able to carefully remove it without too much damage and then give her some creative braids to try to keep it under control.

I only like it – because when she’s in the water, her hair flows and then the tiny strands get stuck around her neck really bad like she’s being strangled. So of course, we broke it in the first bath. The toy had to sit out to dry for a couple days and it still doesn’t work that well. Anything more and you risk shorting out her singing/vocals. The ads and commericals show the doll in the water, but you can only put her in the water up to her waist. Ariel’s tail lights up in and out of water. Ariel’s tail lights up in and out of water. Watch your favorite under the sea princess sparkle and shine with her magical tail that creates a beautiful light show when placed in the water.

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Disney Store Princess Ariel Singing Doll Review

The Little Mermaid: Sing along with Ariel as she croons her signature song, ”Part of Your World,” with just the twirl of her hand.

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