Browse our selection of doll furniture pieces like doll cradles, doll vanities, doll high chairs and more. This classic dollhouse works equally well as a functional toy or as a homey decorative piece.

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You or your child can put their inner home renovator to work on a small scale by adding favorite miniature pieces to the house to make it your own.

I do prefer the wood look over dolls houses of comparitive prices that are plastic. But you need to allow plenty of time for slow, careful assembly to build it from the floor up. The second one was missing screws and the long piece of wood for the front.We got to the end and everything kept breaking.

I wrote the manufacture and got replacement parts which worked better. We've had it since christmas, its been in the same spot and only pulled out from the wall to play. The front door has come off (my girls are not rough kiddos either) and we can't get it back on without disassembling the entire thing or breaking the...

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