She plays well with barbies and her pet bunny is very well behaved. Overall, these dolls are great, but this specific one seems to be a little more fragile than the ones without the long ears.

The skirt, shoes, and scarf are removable; the ears are not. The hairstyle is a nice maintainable side pony tail. She's a delightful add to your child's mini collection. Little ones will adore her cute bunny tail, sculpted shrug and pretty, long pink hair.She wears a teal bodice, pink wedges and removable floral skirt with white fur trim. Twist, her bunny friend -- so cute in pink with arms wide and a furry touch at the top. Bunnies wrap around her ankles on her pink shoes, and bunny ears poke from her rooted pink hair -- she even has whiskers on her face. They're very small (only 6 inches tall), so don't buy one of these expecting a full sized figure. She doesn't disappoint in any way shape or form. They are always well made, adorable and perfect for a baby.

I often blog about outings, walks and nature. They make excellent baby shower and birthday gifts.

I really did not want this holiday to end.

I work part time and love many crafts, particularly crochet, sewing and drawing. The next day we would have to leave our sweet little caravan home with it's lovely sea view. So to have ended up in such a lovely spot and to be blessed with the best weather we have had since that first seaside holiday when they were just a year old, it just seemed a dream come true. A short walk from the beach there were streets to explore. To be able to paddle around in the sheltered bay, occasionally getting splashed with cooling water from your oar, seeing the lovely beach from a different perspective.

I presume this affects the tides too, as the water level hardly changed throughout the day. All in all it was a lovely way to spend a morning.

We enjoyed wandering about getting our bearings, and spotting the local wildlife. The route had rather too much road walking for my liking, though this part was pretty. This stroll down a traffic-less lane was very pleasant, though the guidebook describeed stunning views. And wandering through woodland on a sunny day is always a joy. Great to see restoration work happening though. Is there anything nicer than a sunlit woodland walk. It was a flat route which we took at a leisurely pace. Plenty of time to admire the changing leaf colour. Oooh, that looks like a nice tea shop, but it's too early in our walk for that. It would be the coolest thing ever if we could be best friends and find out how everything works together. This provides an education opportunity to children, especially girls, who might not otherwise have one.

We believe all children should have enough food to eat and the opportunity to thrive. Every heirloom quality doll is artfully hand-knit, stitch by stitch, with natural, premium cotton yarn. Bunny said, as his mother and uncle turned to go into the house.

Bunny Mummy

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The Paranormal Story I'Ve Been Too Scared To Tell Haunted Storytime


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