Turning them into an ornament is a great idea!

We use clothespins every day at my house!

Doll Clothes By Peg
I loved, though you could certainly paint them to make them even cuter. These fairies only took about 10 minutes to make!

Wrap the clothespin with washi tape to ensure the tulle stays put. Now cut 8-10 little yarn pieces and glue them on the the back of the fairy’s head.For the boys, simply add a “cape” instead of a dress. My daughter immediately loved her pretty fairy.

I like them now,” and then both kids were flying them around the house. So cute and we added colored feathers onto her back as wings!

I could figure out how to attach a picture. Sharing her imperfect life and her love of teaching & learning, reading, herbal remedies, parenting and more.

Peg Doll Tutorial

A tutorial for making super cute clothes peg dolls. Want more info?

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For centuries, dolls have been crafted by mothers for their children, using a variety of household materials. Today, these historical folk dolls are as popular as ever.

How To Make Doll Clothes Peg Diy Tutorial Yolandameow♡

Learn how to make doll clothes peg miniatures or clothespins with this tutorial. They move as in reality and can be used to tend …

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