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Doll Collectors In Louisville Ky
We are aware of the sensitive nature of dealing with the personal items of a loved one and realize what a daunting task it can be. The emotional loss is overwhelming enough - let us help you resolve the problems associated with the material goods.

We provide our clients with a bound report with color photographs and supporting documentation as necessary. Call for a free consultation: 603-464-3232.The result is a broom-clean house – ready to be renovated, cleaned or sold. Our methods save the owners/heirs valuable time, for it’s hard to be objective about your own possessions. Withington’s, on the other hand, will set aside any personal papers, photographs and family treasures for the family to sort through. Cities where we are currently doing or have done business in.

The 2 Million Dollar Doll Collection

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Collector'S Conundrum Huge Doll Collection Needs A New Home

A Winnipeg woman is looking for a new home for her dolls– all 1000 of them. Jill Macyshon has her story. Subscribe to CTV News ...

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