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Doll Dream House
Definitely helps my little ones keep their room organized. Arrived on earliest delivery estimate date. Purchased and filled with barbies, kens, chelsea and stacie dolls, along with other accessories and outfits for my 6 year old granddaughter's christmas present. Fits quite a few dolls, accessories and furnishings, unzipped to open and play, then zipped right back up for storage.Nice sturdy carrying handles as well for travel. In addition to placing them standing like in the stock photo you can also stack dolls from the bottom up. The box feels slightly flimsy with very little inside because of the weight contrast (this is very lightweight).

I filled it with clothes and accessories.

I wish it was a bit more sturdy; its pretty thin. Easy for her to zip/unzip and very versatile for playtime.

Barbie Dream House!


Old House Vs. New House!

Barbie Dream House!


Old house vs. New house!

In this toys dolls parody video, we compare the old Barbie Dream House...

Very well made, especially for the price. After all you can even take a picture of it and save for yourself!

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The Interactive Barbie "Hello Dreamhouse" At Play | Barbie

Say Hi to the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse play set!

It's two stories with classic rooms and modern touches. Hello Dreamhouse...

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