I had originally planned for the kids to make an actual doll house after reading the book.

I have someone subbing for me today and need something fun for the kids to do.

Doll Fun House
Thank you so much for sharing the lovely template!

It’s quite a bit stronger and holds its shape much better for paper dolls. My 4 year old just got into making paper dolls and this will be a perfect addition. Since she has the mentality of a 5-y-o (grandmal seizures from age three to seven), this will be right up her alley!!!It tickled my child-longing heart to hear the music!

This will give her something fun to do while my son is doing his testing. My daughter loves paper dolls and to add a house she is going to be in heaven.

You can share your image on my facebook page , or post it on instagram and tag @katepickle or use #picklebums. Some of my favourite creative bloggers have gotten together to share some fun crafty ideas.

We had a little village full of houses all made in an hour or so one afternoon!

Diy How To Make Doll Fun House Silly Mirror Maze Doll Craft 4k

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So don’t forget to add a garden out the front and some furniture inside. When it is folded the side with the tiled roof will become the outside of the house, and the other side will be come the inside. Then you’ll need to add some colour and detail to the house. With a few alterations to the size and traditional folding instructions, and some creative inspiration from my kids, we created this fun folded paper doll’s house free printable, and a couple of cute printable people to live in the house too!

My big kids have caught the printable bug off me, so when they learned to fold a cute origami ‘doll’s house’ at school, they came home full of ideas for turning it into a printable. Whether you are a parent looking to surprise your children with their first dolls or a collector looking for that perfect new addition, find the doll that matches your expectations for years of enjoyment to come.

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