And while technically all 1:43rd, they seem to be a bit ‘box scale’…’ish to me!

Hull is plain red, deck is plain yellow and sandwiched between the two.

Doll Carrier Toys R Us
Adults £4, under 16’s free if accompanied, early-bird (from 08:30hrs) £10.

I have proper, real, bone-fide, genuine action-figures in the pile!

Real box-ticker; seven points of articulation including a gimbal head/neck joint, all bar one of mine are missing their visors and they have magnets in their boots, so if you happen to have a piece of industrial shelving nearby you can make them stand sideways, and err. Yellow has picked-up some purple ‘stuff’ and is sneaking away from formation, to rack-up some points!The best thing you can do with this is take it out the back and put it out of its misery with a sledge-hammer!

Christmas tree kids would have nightmares, it’s evil – look at its eyes!

All are pretty crude figures and seem to share a – jobbing – sculptor?

I think both sets have five-each of both colours?

We believe that beautiful, open-ended toys compliment a child’s imagination and create a framework for creative play.

We love what we do and our hearts are filled with joy to be able to share our toys with you.

Baby Alive Doll Hunt At Toys R Us

Baby Alive Doll Hunt at Toys R Us!

We got the wrong Baby Alive online so we had to go shopping for one that did the peeing and …

Our priorities and focus shifted to family and thus our desire to enjoy every minute with our kids.

We like to think that we are living a small town life in a big city. Making beautiful, fun toys and keeping our customers happy are our top priorities.

We believe the best toys can be simple, durable, tactile and spark the imagination. This beautiful wood is sanded by hand and enhanced and protected by our own blend of beeswax and organic jojoba oil, which we apply and polish by hand.

We hope our toys foster a love of learning, curiosity and imaginative play for your little ones.

Baby Alive Toys R Us Haul & Outing With Audrey For The First Time!

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