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American west has spawned cowboy movies and old west television shows.

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American westerns from the saloons to the jail houses here on westerns on the web. Now with modern times and computer games we have seen western video games. I would venture to say had it not been for all the wonderful western movies and television shows with all the beef cattle and spurs and chaps. The leather holster makers wouldnt be as plentiful.The camera work is exceptional with scenes lasting more than 4 minutes filmed in just one take!. It was depression years and the family was forced to move from town to town, wherever there was work. Clint began his own wandering at the age of 16 when he quit school to work in a factory. Also a wonderful western artist and furniture maker. Western movies full of boots, old western, big cowboy hats, spurs and saddles. Pretty good action western with a few twists and turns!

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Western movies full of boots, old west, big cowboy hats, spurs and saddles. Rex was one of the last of the singing cowboys!

A wonderful western movie series made really for the theater going kids. Approximately 90% of all films made before 1924 are estimated to be lost forever.

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