A premature baby born before 24 weeks is unlikely to survive. Cette parturiente est la quatrième que j'accouche aujourd'hui.

Jackie can't go one day without sobbing; she's such a crybaby!

Malheureusement, notre baby-sitter n'est pas disponible demain soir. Our usual babysitter isn't available tomorrow night, unfortunately. Quand j'étais étudiante, je gardais des enfants pour arrondir mes fins de mois.Nina is breast-fed, so her baby bottle is always filled with water. Children start to lose their baby teeth at about age six. My husband is 58, but he still has one baby tooth where a permanent tooth never grew. Nous n'utilisons jamais le langage enfantin quand nous parlons à nos enfants. Linguists study baby talk to discover how we acquire language. Baby powder is a good remedy for diaper rash.

Jana had to leave the baby shower early to go to the hospital. Il y avait un piano quart de queue dans le salon. Babyphone® nmnom masculin : s'utilise avec les articles "le", "l'" (devant une voyelle ou un h muet), "un". Elle jouait des valses sur le piano quart de queue dans le salon. There was a baby grand piano in the living room. She played waltzes on the baby grand in the parlor. After seven grandsons, she was happy to have a baby girl in the family. She has such a baby face, you'd never guess she was in her thirties. He will soon grow out of his baby clothes. She painted the nursery a gorgeous baby blue. Babies must never be left alone in a baby bath. It is difficult to find a good recipe that uses baby artichokes. Elle alla au spa pour se faire chouchouter et dorloter. She went to the spa, where the staff would pamper and baby her. Il s'était tordu la cheville et n'avançait qu'à petits pas. He had a sore ankle and could only take baby steps. With three older brothers, he was the baby of the family.

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