You want the socks with the thin elastic ribbing at the top. Each individual adult sock will make 1 pair of doll socks.

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If you are going to use colored socks, be sure to wash them first in hot water and then dry them in a dryer to help set the color. For ankle socks, you want to cut a 3-4 inch tube. For slouch or knee socks, cut a 5-6 inch tube. This is the secret to making doll socks quickly!Measure from the ribbing down to the desired length. Cut the desired length to form a tube from the top of the sock. The remainder of the adult sock can be discarded or saved for another project. Now you have the pieces for your 2 doll socks. With the right sides together, pin down the long edge. Before you sew the bottom seam, turn it so the seam is running down the middle, instead of being at the side.

Diy Makeup Beauty Box For American Girl Dolls

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Trim excess material close to the seam and turn right side out.

I told you that making doll socks was easy!

These socks are snug so they stay up well, but aren’t so snug that they are hard to get on your doll. These would also be cute with tiny heart shaped button at the sides. Sometimes they use them as blindfolds when they play games and make up challenges. This doll craft was a lot of fun to make. These doll calendars are fun and easy to make. This doll craft is perfect for kids of all ages. This doll display stand is one of my favorite doll crafts because it is easy to make!

Kids how to make beats headphones for dolls. This foam board doll craft is fun and easy to make.

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We love setting up different doll rooms, bedrooms, doll scenes, and dollhouses. Lea's doll room was fun and easy to set up. This halloween doll room was so much fun to put together.

I also put my dolls in their halloween costumes. This simple winter cabin doll room is very cute and easy to make.

We love it when a doll craft like this comes together!

We had a lot of fun setting up the dolls at the beach for a fun time.

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Let's make DIY makeup beauty box for American Girl dolls. This doll makeup craft is fun and easy to make. Now your dolls have ...

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