I love how changing the colors makes each necklace so different. Very thorough in presenting the steps clearly.

Doll Fimo Tutorial
I used a heavier weight yarn, did a few mods, and made it into a garland for my tree.

I am already thinking of variations using this as a base. Would you be willing to make and sell that to me?

It sounds like a really good idea for a group!This would make a great handle for a crocheted bag. Will you please allow me to use this pattern of yours to crochet about 20 of these necklaces to put on my market table?

You just keep working around the ring (without the need to join each round with a slip stitch etc) for 4 rounds, as it it's a spiral continuing around. Is there any chance of you doing a video tutorial.

I have made a few of these in metallic yarns and they really do look fabulous.

I wish to get your permission to make few of these in different colours for our church market.

[Eng] Diy Steampunk Girl In Polymer Clay Tutorial Doll With Fimo

Hi everyone!

I made a new video about a steampunk doll with clay.

I really hope you like it. Sorry for my bad English!

Gears, not ...

Feel free to contact me for any information. Un jour j’ai rencontré le prince charmant. Seront punis des mêmes peines le débit, l'exportation et l'importation des ouvrages contrefaits. A foot long sub or baguette would be recreated as one inch. Use that as a general guide for making other types of bread loafs in comparison. Making miniature food and other artwork with polymer clay can be very easy and gratifying for beginners. If you are making jewelry you can just estimate a good size, if you are making miniatures for dolls then be sure to keep a ruler handy.

You can use a piece of paper to scribble onto. It helps distribute heat more evenly during baking. Knead the clay in your hands until soft, and form into a long oval shape about 1" long. Bread is not perfect, experiment and make it uneven. Use the paintbrush to pick up the powder and dust it onto the clay. Start with yellow all over, try to not get too much in the cracks. Move on to reddish brown applying it randomly. Lastly apply the dark brown sparingly to recreate more toasted areas on the edges and raised spots. Tutorial pages are time consuming and cost a lot in supplies. Please consider sending any size donation to help me create more artwork, tutorials , free patterns, and to support this website. It is common for the dial to be wrong, so an oven thermometer is highly recommended so you can avoid spikes that burn clay. Once it is cool enough to be handled again, set it down on your work space. Take your razor blade and shave off a tiny pile of white powder from your chalk/charcoal stick onto the tile or piece of paper. While the sealer is still wet/tacky, pick up some of the white chalk powder with your finger tip and dab it sparingly onto a few areas of your bread.

You can also make more sparse white sprinkles by scraping the chalk off with your blade directly over the bread. When you are happy with your application, apply another light coating of varathane to your project to seal everything in place. Use your miniature food for jewelry, or in doll house settings such as market stalls, bakeries and the dining room.

Dans Mon Bocal

If you have your own favorite dolls or toy sets, you could make your items to fit them. This is also a fun, inexpensive way to personalize toy accessories for your child's favorite dolls. For example, a foot long sub or baguette would be recreated as one inch.

You can figure out how big to create your doll house item by measuring the real life item in inches, and dividing it by 12. The bottom left flower bunch uses the regular size, and the poppies in the upper right use the ultra fine flower soft in a variety of colors. Paint your flower pot with your choice of acrylic paint. Cut wire pieces to desired length, leaving room for inserting them into your flower pot shape.

You could also create a fluffy pile of flower soft on your work surface & roll the wire over it to pick it up.

You have to be very gentle to not push the glue off the wire when doing it that way. Use a piece of syrofoam or floral craft foam to place your wires to dry upright. While you have them this way, if you have used the flower soft wires that have a white paper coating, you can color your stems with a marker.

Doll Fimo Tutorial

Cut a small block of the foam with a blade/x-acto knife to fit inside your flower pot. Use paper punches or scissors to cut leaf shapes out of green paper. Place foam in pot, insert wires, coat with glue and place paper leaves. Add glue all around the base of the flowers and leaves. Sprinkle with ultra-fine "earth" flower soft to simulate dirt.

Polymer Clay ▲ Face Sculpting

A short video record my process of sculpting a doll face 🙂 Music credit to Kevin Macleod Meditation Impromptu 03 Follow me on ...

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