These 1/4" round dots can be purchased at most office supply stores.

You simply stick them to your fabric where the markings need to be transferred from pattern to fabric.

Doll Bunk Bed Pattern
After you have used them for guides or stitching, you just peel them off. If it is difficult to identify the right side of your fabric, place a safety pin on the right side of each garment piece before removing the sewing pattern from the fabric.

You should always mark the right side of your fabric also, before preshrinking (laundering) it. Are you too short for your sewing machine?Find a box the right height to put the foot control pedal on, making it a comfortable height. Using duct tape, tape the pedal to the box. If you have problems controlling the speed of your machine, try putting a piece of foam between the base and the foot pedal lever. This will slow the machine down, and give you better foot pedal control. Start using the sewing machine right away. There is a tendency to spend too much time on practicing on paper and "how to" information, which tends to kill the initial excitement of leaning how to sew on a sewing machine.

Beginner sewing time in the sewing room should be limited to 2 hours. Make sure your sewing machine is working well. Breakdowns discourage everyone and prevent us from completing sewing projects. Choose sewing projects that will forgive a stitching line that is a bit squiggly. There are more sewing tips and techniques in each of our books.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy and find great value in this experience as you learn how to sew on a sewing machine. The best part of owning my own business is being at home. Our daughter's projects are turning out so pretty.

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Diy In Doll Bunk Beds

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