And, of course, worrying about items getting damaged in transit is a major consideration if they’re particularly fragile. Knowing how to sell antiques , including what to do, and what to expect, before you approach a dealer can make a big difference in how well your deal goes down.

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Most seasoned pros have likely been burned before by people who took advantage of their knowledge in the past. It's quite a slap in the dealer's face when someone takes up their time as a potential seller only to walk away with the item intending to sell it elsewhere. Also, if you go to the shop not knowing anything about what you have or a bit about how much it’s worth, you’re potentially cheating yourself out of a lot of money. Be sure to evaluate the condition of the piece closely, too, since that has a major impact on how much it will be worth.This will help you get a ballpark idea of what you might get for the item through a direct dealer sale. Shop owners have overhead expenses, even those selling online, and they often have to wait months or even years for the right customer willing to pay top dollar to come along. You’re getting the benefit of quick cash with minimal hassle, and there’s a price to pay for that. In many instances, it's totally worth it.

You can start negotiations somewhat above that benchmark to see how high the dealer is willing to go. If you luck out, your item may be something the shopkeeper has a ready market for or wants to add to their personal collection so they’ll be happy to take it at your starting price.
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If not, they will likely make a counteroffer and you can negotiate further from there.

You can’t count on it still being available if you change your mind and go to buy it back from the owner. The dealer might not be willing to sell it back for the price they paid you anyway. Don’t kick yourself for not finding a way to hold out for top dollar when selling either. Once a deal is done count your blessings, and your cash, knowing that someone was willing to quickly take the item off your hands. Part of letting go of an antique is moving on after the sale and not looking back. This site has been developed to not only assist you in indentifying, evaluating and/or selling your dolls but also act as a destination that can be referred to when inquiries arise. Many doll enthusiasts, clubs, antique shops, etc. Details have simply been complied here in one place for your convenience.

We buy all kinds of collectible dolls in any condition, but we especially like to purchase the mint dolls still in their original, mint condition packaging. There is no need to list your dolls, but if you have more than one brand or product line it helps to sort them that way. Our buyer will go through your items, give you pricing and get a check cut for you during your appointment. If you wish to mail them in, we recommend you read our packing and shipping tips. Please fill out our form to get things started and let us know your dolls are coming.

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