I like the book - so colorful and the story is short and sweet. She is happier with the switch witch than candy.

We let her pick 15 pieces of candy to keep and she gave up all the rest. You'll truly be scared of ghosts, the supernatural, and humans that aren't quite right.

You know, the stories about scary things that go bump in the night. Get comfortable, dim the lights and read through our scary urban legends and folklore.Many of our stories are creepy classics from the past, some are new with modern plots. Add in scary ghost stories and you have entertainment for a campfire or slumber party.
C L I C K H E R E !Sorry for the wait of another doll!

I have lots of plans for upcoming dolls and I am sooooo excited...

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Voodoo Doll Repaint / Big Halloween Collaboration / Scary Repaint For Monster High Dolls #Art #Dolls

Here you can find all the dolls made for this Halloween Collab:DOLLIGHTFULhttps://www.youtube.com/c/dollightful HEXTIAN...