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Doll Coach
Gift yourself a style with staying power. Watch the clip to meet them—festive feels guaranteed. Para obtener más información, consulte nuestra política de privacidad. Tiene determinados derechos según las leyes de privacidad aplicables y puede retirar su autorización en cualquier momento.However, it would be more fun to play with if the dolls arm wasnt stuck on the hips and if the legs were articulated. The bars work just fine but the dolls themselves actually cant perform many movements.

I dont regret purchasing it, but wouldn’t recommend anyone paying full price for it. Only wish these dolls had some joint flexibility. It is difficult to manipulate them for realistic play activities.

I would have thought a gymnist doll would be more able to move.

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The box is neatly organized and has interchangeable pieces that move and are easy for children to imagine with as they play alone or with another child. If anyone knows anything about gymnastics at all, bending your legs is very important!

Even though she initially loved the set, it quickly became disappointing when we realized the trainers legs don't bend.

I think it was the favorite gift for the party. They were super excited to try it and even made their own review video for it.

I can't say enough great things about this set. The extra pieces are amazing additions to the package, however, they are so tiny that our 5 year old and 3 year old really don't even play with them. They would be fabulous for an older child though. The little bar has a crank on it, and you put the little doll's arms in the brackets on the bar, and you use the crank to let her flip around the bar. A towel, gym bag and water bottle add realistic touches to expand the possibilities for play. Barbie doll is ready to coach her student to a championship wearing shorts and athletic jacket over a colorful plastic leotard -- a whistle completes the coaching look. Barbie doll is ready to coach her student to a championship wearing shorts and athletic jacket over a colorful plastic leotard. Use the ribbon that fits in each dolls' hand to act out rhythmic dance. Or snap the student's wrists into the clips on the bar and move the lever to watch her spin around with super stunts!

Snap the student doll's wrists into the clips on the bar and move the lever to watch her spin around with super stunts!

Barbie doll comes with working gymnastic equipment and a student to play out gymnastic teacher career fun!

I managed to fix it however the wheel does not fold like the rest do. It seems this toy is meant to be used super gently and not an everyday toy.

I have no problem with the wheel or the horse to stand. However, after just a few times playing with it one of the wheels broke off and was not easily replaceable. The wheels barely roll as they easily collapse and the straps do not stay on the horse at all.

I am giving it 4 stars because my daughter enjoys playing with it. The straps fall off the horse every time she touches it.

I agree with a previous review regarding the transformation feature.

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The wheels lay flat for when it's in pumpkin mode, but they move too easily so they collapse while she's trying to play with the coach and roll it on the floor. All in all they do like it a lot so i gave it 3 stars. If the quality was better it would be a 5 star review for sure!

My daughter only plays with the carriage part because of this. The "reins" the connect to the horse does not stay in place. It is cute and my daughter loves it and the pumkin feature she loves the most.

I like how it is connected to the carriage, so the fabric can't get lost, my only issue is the horse. The important thing is that my daughter loves it, and play with it all the time.

I recommend this for all the little princesses who love cinderella.

I also got my daughter the cinderella light up doll to go with the carriage. The carriage is build of good plastic and the horse is build extremely well.

Doll Coach

The color of the carriage is blue and grey, with a little bit of red on the inside of the wheel. The reigns connecting the carriage to the horse don't stay on for to long, if your child is pulling the horse with the carriage the reign will fall of. The carriage is easy to transform from a pumpkin to a carriage because all your child has to do is a pull a sting to perform the tranformation. The carriage is plenty bigger than what the picture is showing and the carrige door open and close on both sides of the carriage. The carriage wheels smoothly turned and the plastic was high quality. Pumpkin turns into a carriage in 3 easy steps. Princess carriage turns into a pumpkin and back again. In three easy steps, all your little girl has to do is pull out the pumpkin-cover, then draw it back in with the cord to reveal the carriage and head off to the ball. Any sales or other uses of this document are expressly forbidden, without the specific consent of the author(s).

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