They are fully weighted so they look and feel like a real baby’s. She is around 5 1/2 pounds of pure love, i dont have the certificate for her cause she was given to me but shes well detailed and is beautiful.

Magnetic pacifier, fine painted skin detail, rooted hair, weighted to feel just like a real baby in your arms. Would like 3/4 limbs and a magnetic soother. In like new condition was only displayed. All reasonable offers will be considered.Plus she's fully poseable, so she can snuggle right into your arms, completely warm in her hand-tailored pink fleece (inspired by the winning photo!). Savana is a very important collecting first baby doll that is sure to create much demand. Don't miss this rare opportunity to celebrate doll history with us. When my daughter took it out of the box, the other leg seam ripped. Seems cheaply made, especially for the money. Even though advertised as 'not a toy' she just loves it and is very careful with it.

She handles it with love & keeps a crochet baby beanie on it to protect the delicate hair. When the new one arrived it looked nothing like the picture. Received no compensation in any way from seller for the huge inconvenience.

I know it is not marketed as a toy, but rather as a collectable. My daughter treats this doll gently, so this doll has not had any "injuries". If you try to brush the tangles out, the hair will come out and you will risk "balding". Just know that if it is used for anything other than a bric-a-brac, the hair may end up looking like a rat's nest. The doll is beautifully crafted, has a soft, life-like appearance, and is fun to hold due to it's weight. The body is a batting and bean doll body, but the appendages and head are silacone. My daughter has taken her in public and people have mistaken her for a real baby. If you plan on purchasing real baby clothes for her, make sure to get newborn or preemie size, 0-3 months is just too baggy. She looks like the picture but with less coloring and detail. Personally all of the sleeping dolls are more realistic.