The best ones are white cakes — white cakes have no egg yolks to keep them as stark of a blank canvas as possible to show of their technicolor speckles of splendor within. They’re traditional for wedding cakes too.

The problem with them is that they can be a little firm and dry. From here, today’s cake program bifurcates. It is never unwelcome; it makes everyone happy. Mine was two thin layers with additional buttercream between them.It will make your dentist — and also everyone who is a kid on the inside or outside — very happy. For the sheet cake version of this, see notes at the end. Sure, you’ll have tiny black specks, but they’re barely noticeable and of course the vanilla flavor is exceptional.

I used a mix of 1/3 nonpariels-style (this bottle has great color range) and 2/3 long ones (the colors here look good but, um, do note the size of the jar) that two very nice readers given me. Line the bottom of an 8×8-inch square or 9-inch round cake pan with parchment paper and coat the bottom and sides with nonstick spray or butter. Add egg whites, one at a time, beating until combined and slightly fluffy.
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Add vanilla and buttermilk and beat to combine. Add baking powder and cornstarch and beat very well to combine. Scrape down sides of bowl and beat one second more. Add flour and mix just until it disappears. Use a rubber scraper to gently fold in sprinkles. Bake for 20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out batter-free. Once cake is fully cool, transfer it to a serving plate. Spread frosting on top — you’ll have more than enough, so if you need to set some aside for small decorations or tinting and writing on the cake, this won’t be a problem. It feels a little late in this recipe for butter/sugar austerity, don’t you think?

I then cut the stencils further into eyes, noses, etc. From there, it was just tinting tiny amounts of frosting the right colors and piping them on, like you were coloring in with a crayon. That youtube clip is a godsend, although it does haunt me in my sleep at this point.

I want to try badly for my daughter’s bday. And when u mix3d into the cake, what was the effect?

The effect on the cake was fabulous, but it was more muted in the cake. It took forever to make, but it was totally worth it.

I think we’ll be firing up the oven today to try making this sprinkle cake. No need to double for a 2-layer 6-inch round cake. Each layer will have the thickness you see in this cake.

You could definitely do 12 slightly more standard sized cupcakes.

I didn’t experience the problem someone else described about difficulty releasing them from liners – they came out perfectly for me!

Can you tell me how long you baked your cupcakes for?

You state that not using egg yolks make a cake dry. Can’t wait for it to come out of the oven.

My leftover frosting was almond flavored and it goes so well with this cake.

I saw it posted and immediately needed to have this in my life. Thank you for all of the wonderful recipes!

It gives you the best chance of it staying fresh. Making a mental note to not ask my 17 month old this question.

I know it’s not a birthday cake, but your raspberry buttermilk cake has been our favorite everyday treat for years now!

The confetti cake turned out beautifully.

I could have done it in the bake off time frame though!

Keep it in the fridge and take it out an hour or so before or the butter frosting is hard.

You are my go-to for elevated, doable recipes of all kinds!

Can double in two pans for a classic height 9-inch layer cake.

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Has anyone had any luck doing that with similarly sized cakes?

It really doesn’t take as long as you’d think to go through that many sprinkles.

I don’t want to return a 7-pound jug of sprinkles if they’re missing greens or blues or too heavy on the pinks.

I usually don’t ever want to eat sprinkles but these are good and don’t have that weird taste that some of them have. It really doesn’t take all that long to go through them either. Got hit by a car which sort of cut into my plans quite a bit. They bake in 10 minutes, but they all have to be removed, quick-cooled in the freezer, etc.

I know you’re not ready to share the recipe, but could you share how you decorated it, even if it’s just a rough description?

Confetti Party Cake Smitten Kitchen

My son’s birthday is this weekend, and he loves rockets and all things space!

Just a simple chocolate cake underneath and he’d be quite happy!

I didn’t like the rough look of it so used an offfset spatula to smooth them together. Seems like it would be simpler that way and feed more of a crowd.

I am not sure if they is a difference in cake and cup cake recipes.

I would say get ready but really there’s nothing to prepare you for all the sparkles coming your way. What we generally call sheet cakes 9x13s (quarter-sheets) or 13×18 (half-sheets). So, cut like that, you can get 36 slices from a 9×13. The taller it is, the less skimpy the slice will seem.

You did a fabulous job with this cake – every way you look at it.

I have no children, am not interested in anything precious, lack a sweet tooth and am an overall food curmudgeon.And the story and images have me tickled pink.

I have read many of your comments in the past say that the person had been looking for a recipe and then amazingly it came up next. That is just what happened with me and this cake.

I realize getting lots of colors might be a bit tedious, but in the recipe, there are three colors- peach, pink and fuschia and her cake looks yellow and does use 4 large eggs. Still, don’t homemade sprinkles sound grand?

They are just made of confectioner’s sugar, corn syrup, and vanilla, plus gel coloring.

She calls them “shards” because they are long and thin.

You use the shorter ones in the cake and save the longer ones for the topping. Either way, it is so nice not to have to use a boxed mix anymore!

Mine baked for 22 minutes and was perfectly tender and had a great crumb.

You really want it to be bright and confetti-ish most of all. The cake itself (texture, taste) and frosting (same) were divine. Perhaps that is why waxed store bought sprinkles work better in a cake like this. It is light and airy and really tastes of butter…could it be because there is a cup, yes a cup of butter in the frosting that frosts one 9×13″ cake?

Hers looked sort of like toothpicks, broken. My sprinkles looked dull after they dried, that is the color. They’re usually made from royal frosting, right?

Martha’s frosting is viscous enough to pipe onto a cupcake?

Please post back and let us know how it worked!Did you two think the frosting was thick enough to pipe onto cupcakes with a star tip?

Elmo for my daughter’s 2nd birthday also. If you want to coat the whole thing and sides, it will be thin/regular but fine.

I appreciate your artistic talent and will continue sewing rather than taking up cake decorating as career!

Sweden and fondly remember the princess cake. How would aquafaba work in place of the egg whites here?

Or do you think it would be better to just double the ingredients?

I could use and would use one whole egg instead of the two egg whites…?

Your little one is an absolute sweetie cake!

I should prepare, how high to fill each glass dish, and bake time/temperature?

I didn’t know curls like that existed in real life. The baking powder and corn starch have expiry dates more than a year away. No chance you accidentally used self-rising flour, right?

Unless you have a scale that is accurate to 1-2 decimal places (for the gram units, especially), you are most likely going to add too much. Baking powder is a light and fluffy powder which can make this problem even worse. The majority of baking scales do not have that kind of precision. So for those really small amounts, best to stick to the volume measurement (the teaspoon). You’ll be less likely to use too much of whatever (in this case, baking powder). Anyway, this doesn’t help the cake disaster but it shouldn’t have been because of a leavener weight here.

I think it would have baked more evenly in aluminum cake pan. When using dark pans, you might want to lower the temp by 25 degrees. This recipe looks gorgeous and delicious!

I remember having the same due date as you. We’ve moved 3000 miles away from the bakery where we ordered it (and every year would pick up another for our anniversary), and no one in our new town had every heard of it. This funfetti cake is going to be the perfect birthday cake for a certain soon to be 9 year old!

Any ideas on how to do this without risking the integrity?

It’s still quite sweet, but any less and it’s basically only whipped butter. The texture is perfect, and the flavor is so much better than a lifeless box cake mix!

I didn’t even get to the frosting, because the cupcakes were so good we’ve been eating them plain!

Your funfetti cake is everything think that funfetti should be without the unfortunate box flavor ;). It’s the two-year old honoree that has my heart. She and her brother get cuter with every photo, and it has been a pure joy to watch them grow. Keep them coming, and oh yes, keep the great recipes coming, too. Did you modify the photos of the cake or are they natural because the colors are so vivid and pretty?

The color is accurate, but you’ll need to use enough food dye to get it there. After quite a short time the sugar will be fragrant and delicately flavoured with pure vanilla. And the pods will last forever: just keep topping up the sugar level.

You can even rinse and dry pods that have been heated with milk to make custard and put those in the jar.

I knew we’d see it eventually back when you forayed into homemade sprinkles. Texture is nice, but mine tastes like butter.

I love it, but don’t often use for baking. The finished second cake is much neater and whiter, though both look and taste scrumptious!

The cake came out very dense – is baking powder correct or should it have been baking soda (with buttermilk).

I made it yesterday, and my cake was tender and fluffy.

I didn’t care much for the cake, especially since there are such a plethora of delicious cakes already on this blog.A more common rule is for each cup of flour (or the equivalent, such as the cornstarch here), you’d use 1 teaspoon baking powder (or 1/4 teaspoon baking soda), but it’s usually more in layer cakes. It is possibly you might be happier with the results from 1 1/4 teaspoons here. They added beautiful color and my father in law actually thought we put fruit in the cake!

I want to make her a “clock” cake, which is a round cake surrounded by 12 numbered cupcakes with the clock hands pointing at the age.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed your daughter’s birthday party!

We use this size for last minute parties, or to stack and make a 2- or 3-layer cake. This was a tester for my daughter’s bday soon.

I am going to try the handmade sprinkles to topple on top.

I had a few spots of sugar clumps that didn’t get mixed out…more scraping of the bowl required.

We have one party with three cakes so 8×8 is the perfect size!

I was incredibly pressed for time this year and your promise of “have this done in just about an hour” sold me.

I started making this cake at 1pm for a 4pm party.

I went on smoothly and it was a delicious cake!

I did not experience any of chemical taste or density issues. Thanks so much– we can’t wait to use this recipe for our daughters #2 this week!

I did not change the recipe, just kept an eye on them in the oven. My local cake supply store has a mix-ur-own sprinkles system:) with lots of colors, so we will be using this recipe a lot.

I used a fresh strawberry icing as they were for a friend who requested strawberry.

I didn’t change a thing and it turned out amazing.

I love how the recipe is pared down to make a smaller cake. This cake (the small version) took me all of 12 minutes to go from ingredients to oven and it was so, so good.

I doubled the recipe for 18 cupcakes baked for 25 minutes.

I also used buttermilk powder with milk and whole eggs instead of egg whites. Not the light fluffy “boxed cake” texture if that’s what you’re after.

I wanted to mention that when viewing your site from a phone, there isn’t an easy way to jump to the home page with the latest entry. Doesn’t seem to be very responsive, but it does work!

Elmo stuffed toys at a homewares store where they had one to amuse children with while their parents were shopping and was inconsolable when we left the store without it. Also, to boot, this recipe will be great. The buttermilk and low amount of sugar make for a batter that’s not too sweet. The amount of batter bakes into a thinner, crispier cake especially around the edges, much like a brownie. The icing sugar-to-butter ratio is perfect in that you taste more of the butter and less of the sugar. Deb, do you think it will work to triple the recipe but bake all that batter in a single 9×13 pan?Did one recipe in a 8 x 8 pan and it looks….really thin and kind of hard?

Although we also have baking power that is on the new side but is that bob’s red mill brand and have this completely irrational feeling that the baking powder isn’t good?

Mine looks thin and hard coming out of the freezer. Seems the the freezer cooling makes it more dense?

I made this cake last night for my neice’s birthday today, and while it looked super cute, it left me a little underwhelmed in the flavor department. It was moist and sweet, but it really did not have any discernible flavor that left me wanting more.

I didn’t refrigerate them; we ate the cake a few hours later.They tasted delicious, howsver, the cake itself was really dense. No need to look further for inspiration, your cake with a bit of glitter on the top will be perfect!

I made a 1/2 recipe in an 8×4 pan to test it before making for a crowd. It tastes better than the box mix in my memory, a bit cleaner.

I doubled everything and made one 9 inch round and 10 cupcakes.

You might find a little more baking powder, something like 1 1/4 teaspoons, helps.

I went fairly low on it in this recipe but that’s because it had worked just fine for me. It was fluffier than the all butter batch, but it turned dry in your mouth.

I can never get these volume things right. As shown, it’s 1 8-inch square, which is more volume but it’s also quite thin. Your 2-layer 8-inch round will be slightly thicker per layer, which sounds like what you’re looking for. Maybe 1x5x of that if you’d like to cover the sides too.

You can triple it for a single 9×13 cake layer that’s closer to standard.

We made 12 cupcakes, which turned out great. Little kids can’t sprinkle with the bottle, but if you put a few sprinkles in a shallow bowl, then can pinch with their fingers and drop sprinkles on the frosting. Sometimes you can find sprinkles by the ice cream topping in the supermarket.

I think this will be the new celebration cake. Due to logistics, we made it the day before and refrigerated it over night.

We let it sit out a few hours before serving and it tasted great. Thank you for always turning out such amazing birthday cake inspiration.

release birthday cake imagescake
I notice that in this recipe, the amount of flour and buttermilk are halved in proportion to everything else. The classic birthday cake is a bit fluffier, this has a slightly tighter crumb. This one uses less eggs for a similar amount of flour and butter, and more sugar. It was a hit with everyone at our friends home renovation party (finally got their permits!). My batter was multi colored instead of white. My sisters are coming into town next weekend. We’ll all be together after several years.

I have a feeling this will be a staple in my home for years to come. Your recipes are such a joy to make, and you’re witty writing warms my heart every time.

I just let it cool on it’s own and frost and eat tomorrow?

Also, the sprinkles mixed into the cake mix turned the cake blue.

I appreciate the small size and those of you looking for not a “big” cake will really like this- nice for small family, luncheon or even after school treat.<