It's very cute and sings one of the movie songs. My 4 year old wanted to find all the ways to make her sing and turned the waist to hard, now the waist isn't centered.

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It just would be really nice to have a way to make it stop singing. Santa brought her this doll and she loves it. Had it in plenty of time before her party!

Every time she moves the dolls arm it sings.Love the colors and it shipped supppper fast.

You can't beat that it turns from a princess to a rock star!

Her mic is removable along with her crown and shoes but her outfit is not. Sings by moving her arm or by pressing the button on her chest. She also sings when you move her arm or you can just push her necklace. A silvery tiara and matching shoes are show-stopping accessories.

As a pop star, she shines in a studded silver bodice and high-low skirt with black and pink graphic print, silver peplum and sparkly pink skirt. As a princess, she wears a pink ball gown with a studded silver and pink bodice and trendy chevron-print peplum. Simply lift the pink microphone to her mouth to activate a dramatic fashion transformation and play two songs clips from the film!

Courtney doll, who magically transforms from royal to rocker. Courtney doll’s look to match her performance or your mood. Silvery faceted sparkle and molded beads decorate the pink bodice; a chevron-striped sheer peplum is a pretty pop on the full skirt. Lift her arm, holding the pink microphone up toward her mouth to see her look change from princess to rocker. Press the “gem” button in her silvery beaded necklace (non-removable) to play the songs in smaller increments to really learn the lyrics!

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I forget, is it beer before liquor, or liquor before beer?

We’re ready to help 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of the dolls you find here are 100% from the original brands. Your local custom will not contact you for whatever relevant matters and the shipment will arrive right at your doorstep.

We visit their factory regularly to make sure our orders are fine. My built-in skeleton allows me to move freely like a real girl. Since then, we sat together for lunch and dinner.

I would wait for you at school if you finished late to go back together.

We first met at the laundry room, then started a really good conversation for an hour, and yes, it was the first time we met. She likes to sing the words to the song as well. She never gets tired to sing, no even in nap time!.

I want to knock it a star cause it gets quite annoying when they wont stop making it sing, but that wouldn't be fair since my kids not being able to put it down is what makes it worth 5 stars. This doll is beautiful sings the songs in parts while doing movement with her arm on playing guitar. Has held up very well and no mechanical issues so far!

This dolll sings 2 portions of the cute songs and switches from a "rock" dress to a "royal" gown with a flip of her arm.

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Both sing a few verses of a couple of songs. With a easy switch of a button, she goes from fancy dress barbie, to rock star barbie. Pink boots and a pink headset are show-stopping accessories. When she's at the princess camp, she wears a blue ball gown with a shimmery blue bodice and silvery peplum. As a rock star, she shines in a blue bodice with silvery trim, belt detail and high-low skirt with ruffle accent and sheer glittery animal-print skirt. Simply push her arm to swing her guitar and her look will magically transform from a princess gown into her rock star outfit worn in her final performance in the film!

Erika doll, who goes from rocker chic to princess pretty with ease. Press the “gem” button in her pink studded necklace (non-removable) to play the songs in smaller increments to really learn the lyrics!

Pink boots, headphones and blue-streaked hair look glam with either outfit. Erika doll’s look to match her performance or your mood. Recreate scenes from the film or write new songs.

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Transform this princess rock star over and over again to fit your stories and find your voice. As they face an epic sing-off, both girls embrace their differences, find their true voices and learn that anything is possible when they work together!

Nude solo girls, teens, and fulfilled fantasies. Push her arm to move her shiny metallic guitar in a rocker swing and see her look change from princess to rock star.

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