Rapunzels washes the dolls hair, dryes it with the toy blow dryer and styles it to perfection!

When the internet got hold of the pictures, everyone immediately had questions.

Doll Beauty Selena
Delivering drama and high impact volume, these luscious, layered lashes are formed into wispy clusters that gradually increase in length towards each outer edge providing the ultimate glamour and a tasteful enhancement that is sure to make you stand out.

I looked like a drag queen and didn't suit the texture. Perfect to emphasise them beautiful eyes of yours!

This is guaranteed to be one of our best sellers so make sure you snap up this babe soon ladies!Selena adds both elegant length and volume. They're really voluminous and lengthening, without looking blatantly unnatural.

rapunzel barbie salon makeov 1
rapunzel barbie salon makeov 2