The trope of a sculpture so lifelike that it seemed about to move was a commonplace with writers on works of art in antiquity. Although she never comes to life, he believes she is real, and in doing so develops more connections to his community.

The sculpture represents the creative power of a mother's love for a child, passing some of her qualities on to her daughter. Marathi theater and has earned many accolades. Collins ) is taught to behave like a lady. Close to forty years after its publication, the book was out of print but not forgotten.The story is well-told, and sad at all points. Dare was an interesting and mult-talented woman who was used (and abused) by her talented, selfish mother. Dare was able to accomplish more than her brother but neither of them were able to live up to their full potential given the conditions of their upbringing. It's an excellent cautionary tale for parents who might need to be reminded of how fragile some children can be.

I remember finding her books at my library as a little girl (in the 1970s) and being literally mesmerized by them. Her story is so devastating, but so worthy to be told.

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The artist struggles to cope with loss, with pain, with the lack of something nourishing & vital; and in that struggle creates the sort of book that resonates & lingers with readers into adulthood. She always seems to be playing a part... At the same time, she slept in the same bed with her mother.

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