The price is definitely worth it since a barbie comes with it as well!

She's always wanted to own a bakery, so this was a perfect fit.

Doll Bakery
The quality is actually really great and comes with a few bakery items to go along with it. My six year old loves it and plays with it often. The tiny computer screen was an awesome touch--it really adds that realistic shopping experience for my little girl. Please give us a call for more information on any of our products.With flour and sugar, eggs and butter using mixers, rolling pins and ovens. Our web site has some examples of what we do, but we have many more pictures at both of our locations. Their assortments of sinfully moist cakes are great stress busters and can always be counted on to take the edge off the blackest of moods. That's how special their cheesecakes are to us - made with only the finest ingredients and plenty of love.

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Fabulous Craft Review Doll Bakery

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