My first impression was that the packaging is very attractive.

I review has fancier and more elaborate packaging than the one before.

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I don't really understand why two of something implies that the thing has been squared. All of the names in this series are slightly unusual. She has medium brown skin, bright green eyes (!) and dark brown hair. All of the dolls' outfits are taken directly from the television show.I think of it, many things about the show are like a live-action cartoon. Also, the characters in the show are often wearing huge, fancy, colorful glasses. Adrienne doll is holding a pair of purple glasses in the picture, above. She loves riding her customized skateboard. Ryleigh loves to take things apart and put them back together again. Incidentally, neither doll has the same eye color as the brown-eyed actress on the television series.

I used brute force to yank the plastic mount off the ties. Her medium-brown eyebrows do not have any detail and look a bit harsh next to the delicate freckles and pale pink color of her lips.

I tip her head down a little, you can see the pupil reflected in the flat top edge of the eye. The construction of this shirt is fine, but the fabric is really thin. The red vinyl portion of the boot has some molded zippers and stitches, but these are pretty hard to see. She has flat feet with no articulation at the ankles. In any case, she has a hard plastic body with a vinyl head and vinyl lower limbs. The thin, slightly bendable vinyl limbs combine with the loose joints to give the doll a slightly fragile/cheap feel overall. Her head has a great range of motion, though. However, the shirt is a little tight, the hat is too small and the shoes are slightly big.

I can count different numbers of lines in the lips and see small variations in the shape of the noses. Bryden doesn't escape the floppiness syndrome of this line, though.

I find myself (maybe?) preferring the more solid-feeling body of this under-articulated doll.

I also wanted to try out the backpack accessory. Oh, and the batteries are just to make a small red light flash in the base of the lamp. What the directions don't say (but should) is that the bubbles are caused by a reaction between sodium bicarbonate (like baking soda) and some kind of acid--probably citric acid (like what you'd find in orange juice).

I don't want oil and colored water to leak out anywhere else in the house. Making this lamp was a fun, quick, repeatable activity.

I like these dolls despite my better judgement.

I couldn't run a comb through the hair because of the coarse, tangled ends. Descendants doll line--where some of the characters have good hair and others do not.

I love the faces and eyes on these dolls.

I also think the clothes in this line are cute and creative. Moxie teens in this house and even with the articulation issues we would definitely love these girls.

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I also agree that waiting for a doll can be part of the fun.

I love the anticipation and dreaming stage. And it is disappointing that there's no scientific explanation in the instructions.

I wanted to like the dolls a lot more, too. This might be a case where another character would have made a better impression.

I would love to see what fun things you do with these girls in the future!

I love the idea of making the idol a woman, too.

I guess they were trying to stay mainstream, which is unfortunate. It was interesting reading your thoughts. It's funny how often we end up thinking of reviewing the same dolls. Mine will definitely be more of an artsy, non-science-loving person's take.

Doll Box Glasses

Your review will no doubt be a breath of fresh air for those who don't want a science lesson.

I can't figure out why non-strung joints would be that loose?

Thank you for alerting me to these dolls in the first place!

I had a really fun time reviewing them, despite the frustrations. They do have some wonderful ideas, but the execution is underwhelming.

I get swallowed up by these reviews and can't get anything else done. That's rather terrible that they cost so much more from there!

She's really pale, though, so it might be hard to find a good match.

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It's called squared because it's how you find the area of something squares. Take a square of land, and the length and width will be x2, or 2x as you say, but it's the area of a square. They tend to be pretentious, and there's a reason a lot of people snark on them. Now you're getting closer to what a hipster is. It's helpful to hear this more realistic definition. Maybe we should steer clear of the colleges that are actively trying to attract this crowd?

That seems to fit more with the impression you have of the pseudo intellectuals. So, 2 x 2 is the same as 2 squared, but there's no other number for which that works. Might have been a little hipster-y of me, come to think of it.

You do not have to have the hipster personality type to dress in a hipster style but usually people with hipster personalities will dress in a hipster style. It's kinda like how someone can dress goth but still be a generally cheerful person but gloomy goths generally dress gothic.Sometimes they break, but they usually come out. Still, it's nice to see that the faces are just as appealing out of the packaging as they were on the shelf!

I am not a fan of the big headed dolls and the poor body quality is a show stopper for me.

I love that the clothing is so many separate pieces.

I don't know how one would keep the sealant from mucking up the eyelashes and inset eyes. With all of those problems they are priced too high.

Are you going to review the rest of the dolls you bought?

It's a brutal, but working approach, when done carefully.

I don't see a problem with getting girls to be confident about their smartness as long as no one's being put down or insulted.

I like the texture and crinkly kink in it. Agree about the body proportions and weird sticky-out-y shoulders.

I just got two today, and it's definitely not glue leaking from inside the head. The fashion feet on the non-articulated body make me think the articulated doll is more in line with the science concept of the line. Still a lot of dolls have so many issues that they're opportunities missed to be successful. Her joints are fine and hold poses so she will keep this body.

I agree the legs are a little on the stick thin side but they'd look fine in pants, it's the darn short shorts. Hopefully there are future waves that don't have a project so they're cheaper. The girl with dark skin and green eyes, the second edition budget doll with the lighning bolt esrrings.

I highly preffer the pointed dancer feet its just more feminine to me.

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