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I can’t seem to wrap my head around how they are suppose to go.I also don’t have a little one here to try it out on. Mine looks so much smaller than yours tho!

I spent 700 on ionic straightening, and this iron works better!!!!

I own about 7-9 hair straighteners from cheap to deluxe. Not one of them could penetrate my thick, curly hair enough to do anything other than heat up the cuticle and make sizzling noises. My hair stays straight longer after using this, too.

I love it and have made the switch to babyliss!

Love her, reminding me of my lil one at that age. Love that you whipped up two lickety split. Lil sister looks so happy to be a “mommy” too.

I love these pictures of your girls with the doll carriers!

Your kids’ smiles make me excited to see that happen over here.

I would like to make for my granddaughter when she is old enough.

I am getting a new niece, she better watch out for all of the handmade love!!!

It is so funny to see the pics with her head craned sideways–like the “tip me over and pour me out”. The most common doll furniture material is wood. It was a really quick sew, and so fun to make!

Then proceeded to wear it the rest of the day and threw a mini fit when we had to take it off for lunch. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about doll furniture?

The most common cloth doll pattern material is cotton. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about cloth doll pattern?

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