The pieces each have special tabs for folding and gluing, so once we were done cutting, it was just a matter of folding and using a bit of two-sided tape to hold everything together. The school set of folders and worksheets were easy.

The cereal boxes took a bit more time, but really weren’t difficult at all – the videos and website are focused on crafts for girls. Chloe realizes she’s still without milk – uh, oh). If you send the store owner an e-mail, she may repost them though?

Diy Miniature Doll Toothbrush, Holder, & Working Toothpaste Bathroom Accessories

Hey guys!

Today, I’m making DIY mini bathroom accessories including toothpaste that works, a toothbrush, and a super easy …

MINIATURE BARBIE ACCESSORIES Find out how to make your Barbie doll the queen of the runway with these insanely cute …

printable paper doll accessodiy miniature doll too