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Magic's memory is longer, and far more dangerous. But when his expedition goes wrong who will save the day?

When the dark elves attack, only a single woman can save us. There are those who would see the divine prophecies honored, however, and a warrior queen restored to the throne.He drew a single breath, which was enough to keep his soul earthbound and horribly angry. Tobin will indeed be queen, but only if she can be protected until adulthood from her insane mother, her demonic brother, and every evil wizard in the land. This terrific tale is dark and exciting, and the magic in it is truly wonderful. A sword of power, an unproven warrior, and a deathless evil collide in a mature fantasy world. Enter a fantasy world that has readers raving. So the fact that this book turned out to be a solid slow-burner with some very interesting questions was a pleasant surprise indeed.

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An awkward social comment wedged into the book, anyway.

I also didn't really like the initial setup -- it seemed unlikely as a plan. It felt unrealistic to me, and also like some potentially awkward social commentary. Strong female characters without any cliches. Neither totally innocent nor unredeemably evil, a host of complex, realistic and well-developed female and male characters emerge. Secrets are a major theme of this story, and the layers of secrets are peeled away very slowly, with plenty of suspense. There was some justification in his taking the throne since his mother turned mad in her latter years, killing many. Of course, this means her twin, a boy, must die because they need some of his skin to complete the spell. As he/she grows can they hide her true self from her uncle and his wizards?

The story is plot-driven, rather than character-driven, though the characters are compelling. There's a lot of potential for greater depth of emotion there, though perhaps plot-driven fantasy was more the thing back in the late '90s, early '00s.

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