These little watermelon slices are so fun!

Safari but before they can head out later this afternoon, they need to get ready.

Doll Book Printables
We know that one of your favorite activities when getting ready for camp is to fill out the fun little forms we create.

You can take a few things from both projects and use paper for the inside like option one, but use tape on the outside like option 2. My granddaughters are over the moon with them. They would be thrilled to have the books for their dolls.

How To Make Doll Books With 50 Book Covers Printable

50 unique and cute doll book cover designs with printable. Link to Printable available on Patreon ...

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Diy Easy Quick Craft How To Make An Instagram Barbie Style Book Plus Free Bookstore Printables

by request: Check out this FABSOME New Quick Craft!!

DIY Barbie Book PLUS Free Printables!... Print it out, Craft it, and read!

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