Before class use a ruler to mark off four-inch sections on the pool noodle. Cut the pool noodle at each mark with a serrated knife making cylinder shapes.

Then cut the cylinder shapes in half, lengthwise to make the holders. Cut a slit at the rounded top of the holder lengthwise across the center of the cylinder about 1/2" deep. To make cutting the slit easier, fold down the handle so that the lines overlap trying not to crease the paper to much.

You can also use this craft as a memorization tool.The verses cover fear, anger, loneliness, and friends. Before class print out the bookmark patterns onto bright color card stock (heavy paper). These are a little smaller than the back pattern so that the edge of the phone book page side will have a colorful boarder. When your children are done with their bookmarks you can laminate them or cover them with clear contact paper and then punch a hole in the top and add a ribbon. Before class print out the cup cover patterns and make copies. Make enough paper cup phones so that you have one for every child.

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We LOVE all things Dolls!

We LOVE all things crafting!

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Poke holes in the bottom of cups with a large needle. In class have your children color the cup cover pictures and then tape them to the cups. If you aren't using the cup cover patterns, you can just have your children decorate the cups with stickers or magic markers. Have your children sit or stand in two lines that are opposite each other. Each child should have a cup from his set of phones and a cup from another child's set in his hands. The first child should hold a cup from the teachers set in his hand. The teacher speaks through a cup to the first child who has the other cup to his ears. The next child repeats what the teacher said to the child opposite him. Keep going until all the children have had a turn. Tell the children that they should be speaking through their own cups and listening with another child's cup. This way they are not putting their mouths on the other child's cup. These phones work very well if your children use them properly. Before class print out the activity sheets and make copies. They will have to use the process of elimination to figure out the other words. Before class print out the four different kinds of prayer strip and the hand patterns onto colorful paper. Make puppet hair by winding yarn around your four fingers about 25 times. Pull it off your fingers keeping the yarn in the same shape and tie the yarn together in the middle with another piece of yarn. In class have your children glue the word strip around the rim of the glass and the hair to the bottom of the cup. Draw a sad face on one side of the cup and a happy face on the other.

You can use googly eyes or eye stickers if you have them. Use a pencil to draw a hole for the nose. Make it large enough for a child's finger to fit through. Punch the nose out by poking the pencil through the foam. To make the arms place buttons inside the cup where the arm should be attached.

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Stick one end of a pipe cleaner through one of the button holes and the foam of the cup from the inside to the outside of the cup. Stick the other end of the pipe cleaner through the opposite hole from the inside to outside of the cup. Pull the pipe cleaner through so that both sides are even on the out side. Do the same thing with another pipe cleaner with the other two holes. Wind the ends of the pipe cleaners together to make the arm. Glue a hand to the end of the pipe cleaner and another hand on the other side of the hand to cover the end of the pipe cleaner. Have your children move the arms to represent each type of prayer. The hand is placed in front of the mouth with the thumb up and then moved out from the face to represent thanks. Children look at the pictures in the comic book and decide what the children in the pictures might be praying about then fill in the speech balloons. In this lesson children learn that we need to be prepared for school so that we will be successful. Not only do we need the right clothes and supplies, but we need to prepare our hearts and minds.

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Print out or draw a picture of a flag with someone praying in front of the flag. Color the flag and then write your prayer on the stripes of the flag. Before class print out the patterns of the praying hands and the stained glass window. Before class use the praying hands pattern as a template to cut shapes from black paper. Show your children how to fold the stained glass window sheet at odd angles and then unfold and fold it again until they have a paper with lots of irregular shapes. Tell them to color in the shapes with different colors of colored pencils to make a stained glass window. A great thing to do is to use blocks to build a prayer tower. Each child takes a block and stacks it on the tower.

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As they stack it they say what they would like to pray about. This is fun for them, but most importantly, it helps them think of whom they would like to pray for. God will always listen to your prayers, and he cares about you and loves you. This lesson was written for younger children. Color the bear and then stuff it with small pieces of tissue paper. Give the prayer bears to people in need of prayer. Cut out the window shapes and fold the paper in half. Spread out the sides so that the picture stands up. Each child is given a plastic cross frame. Display a variety of baking ingredients and a recipe for bread. Include ingredients that would not go into a bread recipe.Discuss what would happen if we didn't use a recipe as beginning bakers. Then have the students decide which of the ingredients belong in the recipe. If time permits, students could make the bread. Otherwise, the leader could make the bread at home and bring it back when the "daily bread" portion of the prayer is discussed. Decorate a napkin and place in a bread basket. Encourage your students to make bread at home to place in their baskets and give them to a neighbor.

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God loves them very much, and he can use them to do great things. Draw a curved line around the front, top edge of the envelope and then draw a mirror image of the curve on top of the first curve. Use a pencil so you can erase in case you don't get it quite right the first time. Fold back the bottom two corners of the envelope as shown in the diagram and tape them back. In class have your children color the envelope to look like a basket. Have your children draw faces on the craft spoon or clothespin to make the baby and then roll tissue or other material around the baby for a blanket and then place it in the basket.

You can also make a display for the craft. Fold a piece of blue paper in half and cut wavy lines from the center out about two inches apart. Unfold and glue the paper around the edges to another sheet of paper. Children will be able to slip the basket inside the cut lines to make it look like it is in water. They can also place strips of green paper cut to look like reeds in the slits.

You can also cut fish shapes or use fish stickers to place in the "water". Cut a paper plate in half but not straight across.Make a slight curve in the plate so that one side is concave and the other convex. Cut a sun shade or cover from another paper plate so that you have a back and front piece. Glue the tops on the basket pieces and then glue the sides together to form the basket. Cut a slit in the center of another paper plate so that the basket fits inside the slit. Paint the basket and bottom paper plate and glue them together. Children can also place a paper napkin in the basket for the baby's blanket (not pictured). To finish cut long strips of green paper into reed shapes and glue them to the paper plate. As they color ask your children how they help at home and school. When they are finished encourage your children to act out the story using their paper dolls. When your children are finished have them share their picture with the class and see if the children can guess what the pictures represent. It is the only activity we have for the children in our church.

I feel honored to be chosen to teach the class.

I know "my" children are better off because of your site. The other children will pretend to be the princess (if you would like you could have them wear crowns or make crowns to use in this game. They pushed it down in the center with the bowl of a spoon. They can also draw pictures of their own families and add them to the sheet. In this lesson a child acts out the lesson as the teacher reads the story. He will give us the strength to deal with our fears and problems. This lesson is available for preschool and older children.

You have great ideas and have been a real blessing to me.

I have taken your ideas and used them in my teaching.

I think you have inspired my creativity and brought me a new desire to teach. Using toys to teach help children remember longer and relate easier to the story. This is great to stick in your doll’s craft room. It takes patience, but the end result is so worth it!

Cricut and then another 45 minutes just digging out the holder. Bookfanatic102, a cricut is a crafting tool that helps you cut crafting materials. Craft shows us how to make a magnetic fishing set game. Keep personal items in a small decorated tin – great for junior high and high school kids!

Those little ear buds are always getting tangled – what a great way to store them on-the-go!

Bits has a great tutorial on how to make an altered tin purse!

There are so many fantastic ideas in this post!