Neverland and explore the land of magical fairies. Create both female pixies and sparrowmen (male fairies).

Doll Divine Pixie
Azalea, and a big thanks to all the beta testers. If fairies get pregnant like we do, the lack of navels is an oversight. If baby fairies are created inside flower buds that bloom at the beginning of dawn while covered in dewdrops, or are born when any baby laughs for the first time, then navels are irrelevant. Where you can dress up both girls and boys and, maybe, little kids, too.But maybe that movie wasn't out while this was in the re-works. They started out testing the girl, including drag-and-drop, backgrounds, and many new outfit additions. Once the girl was finished the premium players tested the boy, adding many additions on. Drag and drop furniture was a very notable to the game. Hummingbirds and bats are also under furniture, though they were originally able to be added to the character. The baby pixies/sparrowman, originally, were drag and drop under the pixie/sparrowman.

Doll Divine Creations

I created these on Doll Divine. The doll makers I used were The Tudors, LOTR/Hobbit maker, the Pixie Maker, X-Girl, the Mermaid ...

It could only be moved when you moved the character. This frustrated many beta testers, as alignment with the cribs and characters was thrown off. The game features 3 metallic colors: gold, silver, and bronze.

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