Plastic tools that you usually cannot find. They are not super sturdy as a child's toy but they are great for decorating purposes and work well for party favors.

Doll Construction
Great accent pieces for crafters and doll accessories. They are also great for dress up, role play, and costume accessories. Each tool is approximately 4-6 inches in length. They're really simple, but very affordable, so it's really my style.The toys are totally safe, so no worries on that front. They would make a good toy for children too. They are high quality, especially for the price. My son would have enjoyed them as tools, decades ago, as much or more than we enjoy them as ornaments. My dad has been in the building and construction industry for 50 years and the party was a tool theme.

We had a construction themed party and these were part of the goody bag.

With that being said, they look realistic. They are not childproof and not real sturdy so not for a very young child. The author understands that each person wanting to make a doll has their "own" way of doing things. She sweetly guides you through all of your options from "your" idea, construction, costuming, face concepts and much more. Doll" is a great doll making reference guide for getting your doll out of your head, into your hands, and out into the world. She shows you ways to apply all that she has introduced. While she introduces "mixed media" dolls in her anatomy book, here she explores the range of forms they can take. This book is an excellent addition to any serous student of doll construction's collection or as a resource for someone needing to make figures for some other project. While it is as advertised, a book on making dolls, it is first and foremost an art book. Throughout the book, the author is addressing the student as artist. The details of construction are included as are some patterns, but the greatest value of the book is actually in the illustrations of finished dolls, some by the author and some by others. Some are actual portrait works, capturing in miniature the personalities of those portrayed. Rather, this book gives the artist a good grounding in basic technique. Where you go from there is entirely your own business. It allows the artist to maintain their creativity while outlining how to make their doll into reality.

I would recommend this to any artist who has a basic idea of a doll in their mind, but does not know how to put it into workable action. Again lots of great images, but not so many instructions and seems a bit basic and out dated. Voyez les conditions d’utilisation pour plus de détails, ainsi que les crédits graphiques.

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Doll Hat Construction Video

How to make an elaborate Edwardian or Victorian doll hat. Step by step instructions from Crabapples Boutique.

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